GTex Trade Limited gives an overview of its Public Business Plan

International investment solutions provider, GTex Trade Limited, reveals its amazing Public Business Plan

GTex Trade Limited has given the public a glance of its Public Business Plan, giving the details of the investment solution and what makes it unique from other such investment plans offered by other investment houses. Some of the unique features of the Public Business Plan offered by GTex Trade Limited include daily profit, detailed daily trading reports to ensure transparency, guaranteed daily payments, and a wide range of payment methods. Other features of the plan are Strong Data Protection System, DDoS Protected Server, 24/7 Competent Support, and Initial Deposit Return.

A further assessment of the Public Business Plan reveals a unique formula for the calculation of the daily profits credit to account of users or investors as the case may be. The features of the formula are briefly highlighted as follows:

  • Investment Term is 240 trading days and earnings will be credited daily and made available for withdrawal or re-deposit. Upon investment term expiration, principal amount can be either withdrawn or re-deposited as desired by the investor.
  • Availability of Compounding Option – Investors can choose to compound their daily earnings automatically. Compounding rate can also be changed by the user at any time.
  • Daily Profit Percentage is Variable. Daily earnings credited to user accounts are based on the performance of the company are subject to additional variations based on the amount deposited by the user.
  • Insurance/Reserve Fund Allocations (0.3% Daily Guaranteed Minimum in Earnings). This allows for the generation of constant positive flow of funds for investors as well as for company employees and management. A portion of the obtained profits will be allocated daily to the Insurance/Reserve fund. The reserve fund is used on the days when trading activity results in losses, allowing for the withdrawal of at least 0.3% of profit to be used for distribution.
  • Automatic Investment Plan Upgrades – Any given account will be automatically upgraded by the system to a higher plan level, when principal balance will reach corresponding value. The increase of principal amount can be a result of additional deposits, or via the use of compounding option.

Investors can view the company daily profits in the “Trading Reports” section, along with the actual trading results for any given day. For the days when trading activity produces a loss, the summary table will display actual profit for such days. However, a guaranteed minimum will be added to the user account for such days.

It is worth noting that the Company Remuneration includes both salaried and performance-based compensations.

More information about the business plan and other investment solutions from Gtex Trade can be found on their website.

About Gtex Trade

Gtex Trade Limited is an international investment entity that has been officially registered in Great Britain on November 2012. It was created by a group of professional traders, qualified experts and skilled analysts with valuable expertise especially in stock market and extensive practical experiences of combined knowledge and capabilities to allow for participation in the business market within a safe and non-risk investment environment.

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