Doctor of Personal Strengths, Dr. John C. Buckley, Publishes a Non-Fiction Blockbuster and Amazon #1 Bestseller

December 17, 2018 – Atlanta, Georgia, USA – Dr. John C. Buckley, known as “The Doctor of Personal Strengths”, who has consulted and advised thousands of individuals and organizations over 30+ years, has published another self-help hit. Dr. Buckley’s NEW Amazon #1 Bestseller, Discover Your Personal Strengths NOW! is being offered absolutely FREE (for the next 30 days only) on his website! His #1 blockbuster book had a very successful launch and introduced topics focusing on practical ways to re-ignite your career, launch your new business, achieve youraudacious goals for 2019, and several other secret strengths areas.

Dr. Buckley pointed out, “Gallup recently reported that as high as 85% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work. Why? One of the primary reasons is that employees feel undervalued and not fully able to engage their personal gifts and strengths on the job.” (see this LINK for Gallup report)

He also noted, “I wrote this book because I wanted to remedy some of this problem of workplace disengagement and dissatisfaction by helping thousands of people transform their lives, using some simple strategies!”

Discover Your Personal Strengths NOW! is a short, easy-to-read guide giving simple, practical strategies to uncover individuals’ untapped unique personal strengths, teaching you how to engage what your innate gifts and talents really are, and introducing you to practical way to start doing what you love to do…while making great money at it too!

This book answers key questions such as:

Do you desire to get unstuck in your work and life?

Do you want to get out of a life rut and dead-end J-O-B that you’re in?

Do you desire to find more of your purpose and destiny in life?

Do you want to IMMEDIATELY START doing what you love?

Buckley notes that if your answer is an emphatic “YES!” then don’t delay! Grab up this life-transforming book TODAY ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! Here’s the LINK!

Additionally, in his FREE book The Doctor of Personal Strengths says YOU WILL discover how to:

• Uncover your unique personal strengths for profit RIGHT NOW!

• Redesign your life and career in the next 30 days! Guaranteed!

• Immediately do this “one powerful self-assessment” and launch your phenomenal future!

• BEGIN TODAY doing what you love and never look back!

The staff at Dr. Buckley’s organization, The Strengths Academy, pointed out that if you’ve read books like StrengthsFinder 2.0 or Now Discover Your Strengths, or have taken career-based, strengths-based, or personality-based assessments such as the DISC, MBTI, CliftonStrengths, Enneagram, or any other, then you DEFINITELY won’t want to miss Dr. Buckley’s stellar strengths insights in his NEW #1 bestseller that takes your gifts, talents, and personal strengths to the next level.

You can download Dr. Buckley’s book absolutely FREE for the next 30 days at The Strengths Academy website at Their site also has a built-in Google translator to take advantage of their resources in multiple languages.

To set an appointment with Dr. Buckley or his team and take advantage of his free goals strategy consultation, please visit the LINK HERE.

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