Colorado Tripod Company Smashes Kickstarter Goal for World’s First Titanium Tripod System

Colorado Tripod Company has created the world’s first titanium tripod system, which offers a lightweight ballhead and tripod.

The campaign was created to raise funding to bring the world’s first titanium tripod system to market. This new product offers both a titanium tripod and ballhead (called the Highline ballhead) comprised of titanium and featuring a titanium hollowball reducing weight by 52%.

Colorado Tripod Company’s Highline ballhead features re-engineered internal locking mechanisms to produce 54 pounds of locking force – double that of industry leaders.

Although the process of extracting titanium from its ore is costly, designers consider it valuable enough for specialty applications such as aerospace, where its combination of strength-to-weight and corrosion resistance is unrivaled, said mechanical engineer Nikki Gantos.

The Highline is made for left-handed operation so that the user’s right hand can be free for compositional framing. This is also a feature that isn’t found in many of the industry leaders’ products.

With the Centennial tripod, Colorado Tripod Company developed a titanium and high-quality fiber tripod, with 10-layers with 10-layers of carbon fiber manufactured in Japan.

Colorado Tripod Company has taken into account the challenges faced by photographers looking to find a practical tripod. With their system, they’ve worked to deliver a number of features that make the user experience rich and productive. Aluminum versions are also available, and versions such as the Aspen ballhead dramatically increase range of motion versus other products on the market today.

The Kickstarter campaign aimed to raise $50,000 for the production and delivery of the new tripods, and backers have already more than doubled this goal with their pledges. In return for their pledges, backers are receiving various versions of the Highline ballhead and tripod, with perks expected to be delivered in March 2019.

Pledges are still being accepted for those who want to get the very first versions of the Highline at a discounted price. More information about the ballhead and tripod can be found at

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