The Chickenpox Vaccine: A Simple Way to Protect Families

Prior to the introduction of the chickenpox vaccine, chickenpox was a prevalent disease that spread easily from one child to another. Common modern-day views surrounding the vaccine are varied, and for the most part due to a lack of credible information about the chickenpox disease and the vaccine for it. Precedent to the materialization of the chickenpox vaccine, approximately 100 people died each year as a result of chickenpox in the United States, and approximately 11,000 people a year had been admitted into hospital as a result of chickenpox. Having everyone in your family vaccinated by going to StarMed Family & Urgent Care is an easy and stress-free way to ensure that chickenpox will not spread through your household. 

Most people understand that the chickenpox can cause a good amount of discomfort and other symptoms that are bothersome. However, this is incomplete information regarding chickenpox. A fever, rash, drowsiness and itchiness are mild symptoms, the chickenpox can cause several much more serious symptoms that can often be life threatening. Scarring, infections of the skin, brain damage, and pneumonia are all very serious medical issues that can be a direct result of chickenpox and need urgent medical attention. The vaccine available today for chickenpox has a 94% success rate in preventing chickenpox and the complications that come with it. 

The vaccine is administered by a nurse or practitioner in two separate doses, the second dose need to be administered at a minimum of 28 days following the first dose. The chickenpox vaccine is available at your local general practitioner’s office as well as urgent care clinics and is covered by most insurance plans. By going to to pre-register for services, you will have your family protected against the chickenpox. Again, you can get in direct contact with this wonderful provider by going to Going to receive the vaccine is a quick and easy visit, and one that you will not regret. 

While the chickenpox vaccine is beneficial for most of the population, there are individuals that are recommended to forgo the vaccination. Individuals that have had the vaccine before and had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine should not receive it. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should wait to get the vaccine and consult their practitioner. Moderately and severely ill patients should wait until they recover fully from any ailments prior to receiving the chickenpox vaccine. Patients who are allergic to Neomycin (an antibiotic) or gelatin also should not get the vaccine. With the minimal risk that the chickenpox vaccine poses, getting vaccinated far outweigh the risks of not doing so for yourself and your family. Chickenpox disease takes the path of least resistance when traveling from host to host, which makes it extremely contagious just through the air in addition to skin contact with a blister. When everyone who is a part of a community gets their vaccine, the chickenpox will be eradicated before it even has a chance to spread to someone else. Taking just a few minutes out of your day to take this step can save not only your family’s and your lives, but other lives in your community as well.

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