Absent Launches Mobile Application That Helps People Search, Locate And Reunite With Their Missing Loved Ones

“Absent Mobile App: The mobile app for finding the missing people”

Absent, a world-renowned company that is popularly known for its uniqueness, innovativeness and cutting-edge technology which it always employs to help people find their missing and lost ones is at it again. This time around, the company introduces a new mobile application that can be used to find a lost fellow to all mobile phone users irrespective of the platform they might be.  As Absent for you is known for its main vision of combating all the issues that the void that being away from loved ones can create, the company decided to make its new mobile application a platform which can serve as a hub of information where users can research, share and communicate and at the end find whoever they are looking for.

According to the statistics available from the various research sponsored by Absent, most people that go missing are mostly found within 48 hours when the right tools are deployed in searching for them. In addition to that, it has been reported that mental health disorders among armed forces have increased by 78% in the last 8 years and has made them become homeless and wanderers thereby making their families to lose contacts with them. Therefore something like that necessitated the creation of an app like Absent.  Furthermore, the statistics available also state that in the last 2 years, suicide, which most times, was as a result of losing a loved one outranked war, cancer, heart disease, and homicide. So, this information spurred Absent to create the right channel through which people can easily search, find, then link-up and finally reconnect with their missing ones. In addition to that, globally 607 people go missing every day. Over a year, this number rises to 221,644 people and within 20 years this again increases dramatically to 4,432,880. According to the responses gotten from the 94% of those who trial tested the Absent mobile app, it has been established that this perennial problem can be nipped in the bud through the use of Absent Mobile App which has been solely designed for that purpose. In addition, the Absent Mobile App is the first proactive tool to allow victims of parental alienation an opportunity to share their side of the story with privacy and dignity. Parental alienation is a global issue and the Absent Mobile App addresses the issues of the relationships as opposed to lobbying for Family Law reform.

Unlike other search apps and websites which do not provide communication lines for the users,  Absent Mobile App and its website had been designed to finally provide a much sought-after communication line to all users which will make them feel positive as they look for their loved ones. Furthermore, Absent App has a free community chat section where users can post publicly or privately depending on their choice. Also, the Absent app currently includes a service which affords users an opportunity to reach out to those they (secretly) love and show them the truth in a unique manner. With all these great features, the app can now be downloaded on iOS and Android (PlayStore) free of charge while the one for Windows OS will soon be out in a couple of months.

While responding to questions posed by a news reporter, Neil Jones, the genius who designed Absent Mobile App said, “Now is the time for everyone to find their missing ones with less hassles.  With the new Absent app, finding someone is now a click away. Whether it’s a child, veteran, mentally unfit individual, parents, partners who absconded, schoolchildren or anybody that you’re looking for, all you need to find them is the ‘Absent Mobile App’ which is solely designed for that purpose. We cannot sit back and fold our arms while people get lost every minute that’s why we’ve designed this great app which can be downloaded free of charge on all mobile phone platforms.”

To use all Absent services, a user needs to visit https://absentforyou.com or simply download the Absent mobile app on Google PlayStore, iOS or Windows.  A user can then go on to register their missing persons on the global network to help broaden their search. To make the search flawless and narrow it down, a user needs to include the missing person’s photos, name, descriptions, color, age, height and all other necessary details which can aid generation of the right result for their search. One of the great features of Absent Mobile App is Search and Sightings. With Search and Sightings, users can search and view each individual missing person’s case for photos and full descriptions, follow updates, view sightings on maps, report their own sightings and declare any changes in circumstances. Another amazing feature of the App is the development of the Journal Private or Shared section which will be launched very soon. This section will allow a user to keep a tab/note/diary which they can use to measure their progress or record anything that seems awkward or helpful to their search case. One thing that distinguishes this feature is the fact that no matter how short or lengthy a diary/note entry is, Absent’s users can easily refer to it at any point in time and the friendly interface allows them to organize everything conveniently. By using the private journal, users will be able to share sensitive messages to those intended and that will definitely eliminate the public scrutiny and manipulation associated with the traditional social media platforms. 

For more information visit: www.absentforyou.com

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