Iridesi Has a New Professional Nail File Set on Amazon

Color coded nail files with square ends and a serrated cut

Cedar City, UT – December 18, 2018 – Iridesi produces an assorted variety of attractive beauty products that help all people get the most out of their styles. These beauty accessories focus mainly on nail and manicure treatments. The products offered by Iridesi help people to get more out of their appearances and to look attractive for any special event or situation. The company is currently promoting a new series of professional nail files for people to try out for their manicure needs.

The set includes a bulk set with twelve emery boards that are 7 inches long and ¾-inch wide. These offer square ends and serrated edges with a black grit surface. The design provides a firm body that is easy to use for many great sanding desires. The product is useful for men and women and offers a compact body that is easy to store in a purse.

The design of the nail file set features different models that provide different grit levels. These include 80, 100, 180, and 240 models for different needs. The design offers a comfortable body that is easy to enjoy using and working with.

Cut with serrated blades on these nail files are important to note. While straight blades are used on many traditional nails, those blades can be harmful if used improperly. A serrated blade produces a cut that looks nicer and also may reduce the chances of a paper cut or similar form of irritation coming about.

The helpful layout also comes with a firm body that prevents particle shedding from developing. The user will enjoy this well without worrying about small bits of items coming off of the files. This ensures that the design is not hard to use. The smooth body also provides a good way for people to take care of their nail filing needs without any problems over how well a file might work.

Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of these innovative nail files is that they are color coded. Each grit has its own special color system that will allow each user the ability to quickly identify what grit it is. A color coded grit key is located on the back of each box as well as the grit being printed on each nail file. Now you will never get grits mixed up or wonder what coarseness you are using.

People can find this new series of Iridesi files on Amazon. Iridesi is also promoting various other convenient products for personal care use online. These include products that are being promoted right now at The company places a strong emphasis on quality when it comes to getting the most out of unique nail care items.

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