Just Deliver It to Begin Offering SMS Drip Campaigns

Marketing is an ever-evolving field that requires constant upkeep in order to reign in new customers. As a business owner or manager, it’s likely you’re interested in any new way to bring in more clients to your business. If you’re not using one already, an SMS drip campaign may just be the new solution that you’re looking for. 

Fairly new, this marketing tactic involves texting potential prospects. The drip campaign allows you to set up a series of messages that will be sent out to your list of potential clients on a scheduled basis. For example, you may want to send those prospects one text message per day. With an SMS drip campaign from https://justdeliverit.net/, you can do so. This will allow your business to stay at the forefront of your prospect’s minds. 

Drip campaigns are no new form of marketing. They’ve been around for decades as a very successful tactic for email marketing. The basic concept was to get people to sign up to your list. Then, your autoresponder would send out a new message every day, week, or month according to your pre-scheduled messages. Businesses used this method for baiting prospects with new products and services. They also work for educational course content and providing the latest news about your company. 

SMS drip campaigns are the email marketing campaigns of the future. In fact, individuals are more likely to opt into your list via text message than through their email. It only takes a simple click of a button for them to sign up. Once you get them on your SMS list, you can easily send them new content every day, week, month, or whenever you so choose. 

The response rate will be higher as well as most people will read their text messages as compared to their email messages. Think about it for a minute. There’s no junk text message folder on your phone. In fact, every message that you receive will first pop up on your outside screen. Then, it will linger on your top navigation bar and that little balloon will pop up. People will have to manually open the text message to delete it. This gives you the ability to get your message in front of the prospective client. 

Drip campaigns for mobile devices are becoming the future. There are so many benefits that businesses can gain from using this type of service. For starters, as you learned above, they increase user engagement. People open up text messages from your business. Secondly, they save you a ton of time by being able to pre-schedule messages from new prospects in mass. Third, these make the perfect type of campaign for those who need repeated marketing to finally connect with your company. 

Businesses all around the globe are starting to use this new type of technology. In fact, SMS drip campaigns are going to become the new norm in the marketing arena over the next decade. From nightclubs sharing events to education courses sending out content, SMS drip campaigns can be the perfect solution for your business engagement.

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