A New Generation of Cosmetic Instruments Showcased in Times Square, New York, Showing the Charm of the Rapid Development of Life Science and Technology!

December 18th, 2018 – On the occasion of Christmas, TOMOZAKI Electric’s third-generation beauty instrument made its debut in New York Times Square, showing the power of TOMOZAKI Electric Technology brand on the NASDAQ.

The NASDAQ advertising screen is located in Times Square, New York City. It is the heart of Manhattan and the most prosperous entertainment shopping center. As the “global financial gateway”, the average daily traffic is 1.5 million and the annual traffic is 1 billion. One of the best windows to be seen as “Attracting the Global Eyes” and “crossroads of the world”. Alibaba, Baidu, Jingdong, Momo, Greenland Group and a series of well-known Chinese leading companies have all showed on the screen to the global market!

Since its establishment, TOMOZAKI has chosen IT technology as its foundation and aims to create a magical future by using technology, focusing on the research about miniaturization and family-based research of medical beauty and nursing equipment, and the development and manufacture of Asian women’s beauty apparatus.

TOMOZAKI Electric’s third-generation beauty equipment, together with technology of skin measurement, technology of exporting and importing ion, technology of RF radio frequency beauty and constant temperature hot massage and quick cooling, leading a new era of beauty equipment.

The skin detection function of TOMOZAKI’s 3rd generation beauty equipment can help users quickly detect skin properties, skin moisture content, oil content, elasticity index, and skin health comprehensive index through mobile APP data reading and data storage. To help users understand the state of the skin, and then to select skin care products correspondingly, making the skin care scientific and reasonable.

TOMOZAKI’s third-generation beauty instrument’s ion-extracting function helps users to clean skin oil more effectively. ion-importing function helps skin to better absorb skin care essence.

TOMOZAKI Electric’s third-generation beauty equipment RF beauty function, RF electromagnetic waves can make the local skin fever, dermis temperature can reach 50-55 °C to ablate and compact local fat, accelerate collagen regeneration and fat metabolism, effectively improve skin aging, tighten skin and improve wrinkles and under-eye bags. Warming the eyes at a constant temperature of 40 °C can alleviate eye fatigue and dryness. Cold compress of the eyes can also relieve eye fatigue and dryness.

As a researcher focused on miniaturization and family-based research of medical beauty and nursing equipment in IT industry, through the comprehensive application of medical technology, digital technology, Internet of Things, and big data, we are striving to create the most beautiful women using technology!

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