Atoshi Liao Wang Angel Investment Signing Ceremony in Beijing

On December 16, 2018, the signing ceremony of Atoshi Angel Investment into Shengkai Hengyun Technology and Juzhi Online Technology was held in Beijing West International Trade Hotel.

Empower manufacturing, Atoshi investment in Shengkai Hengyun

Empower Internet, Atoshi Investment in Juzhi Online

Atoshi CEO Liao Wang, Shengkai Hengyun CEO  Lin Yanjiang, Juzhi Online CEO Chen Yang and related leaders of various companies participated in and witnessed the signing ceremony.

After the agreement signed, Atoshi has became a shareholder of Shengkai Hengyun Technology and Juzhi Online Technology.

Shengkai Hengyun Technology is a high-tech company specializing in intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet field software development and IT service implementation (system integration, cloud computing, big data analysis), providing efficient and reliable software and hardware solution for the factory.

Lin Yanjiang, founder of Shengkai Hengyun, is a computer master of Minzu University of China. He worked at China Electronics Group and has extensive experience and mastered core technologies.

Shengkai Hengyun’s MIS system designed for Rainbow Group

Shengkai Hengyun has stable growth expectation and profitability. Corporate customers include China Electronics Rainbow Group, Ruiyan International Information Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Xi’an Huayun Zhilian Information Technology Co., Ltd. and so on.

China Rainbow Group is one of its large customers. It is a large state-owned company with nearly 20,000 employees. There are 11 holding companies and 8 shareholding companies including two public listed companies: Rainbow Display Devices Co., Ltd., which was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1996, and Rainbow Group Electronics Co., Ltd., which was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2004).

Juzhi Online Technology focuses on mobile APP startups, and the company has developed rapidly since its establishment. At present, the products are distributed in many countries and have 2 million registered users. The daily PV is over 10 million.

At present, the company’s Star Chat software is currently a popular one-on-one video social platform on the market.

Chen Yang, CEO of Juzhi Online, is a classmate of Liao Wang. He is very active in his student days, has excellent eloquence, presides over major events, has independent and innovative thinking skills and natural leadership. In Baidu, Youyuan has excellent working experience. Before Chen Yang’s independent venture, he was the product operation director of Youyuan.

Liao Wang said at the signing ceremony: “ATOSHI is sold globally, after research and development and operating expenses, for remaining capital to be invested as follow: 50% in various cryptocurrencies, 20% in angel investments, and 30% in high-potential stocks every year; 30-50% of the investment profit is used to buy back ATOS.

We invest in companies that require them to accept ATOS as payment, so that the Atoshi will form a multi-industry application scenario. In the meantime Atoshi will become a giant blockchain investment company.

At present, Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum are not supported by physical assets. They are not enough “hard”, and Atoshi will be enough “hard”.

As a star blockchain project, the CEO of the Atoshi Liao Wang said: Atoshi investment into high-tech industry is a strong action of the slogan “Empower to the world”. Atoshi will continue to use the blockchain to empower industries, agriculture, the Internet, real estate, high-end manufacturing, and the luxury goods industry. To create a scene where you can use ATOS, and finally turn ATOS into a popular currency and used widely.

Liao Wang also said that the two companies will accept ATOS as a payment when appropriate. Moreover, the investment agreement stipulates that customers can enjoy 10% discount or more for all services and products of Shengkai Hengyun by using ATOS as a payment.

Atoshi will also invest in more companies and continue to help outstanding companies. However, the invested companies must meet the following basic conditions: 1. The return on investment is greater than the return on investment in ATOS or bitcoin. 2. The founder takes the responsibility to bear the lost for Atoshi investment. 3. Accept ATOS as a payment, become a part of Atoshi ecology, and offers 10% discount or higher for customer paying by ATOS.

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