Launches Radio Show on Pet Life Radio Network to Spread the Word on Rescue Dogs launches a brand new radio show on Pet Life Radio Network.

Did you ever wonder why Snoopy spends so much time on top of his doghouse rather than inside it? Maybe it’s because he gets better reception on the roof. Man’s best friend is hitting the airwaves as, an online community of dog professionals and rescue dog enthusiasts, launches a radio show on Pet Life Radio Network. Guests will share their expertise, insights, and stories about rescue dogs and how human effort can keep these brave animals happy and healthy. The rescue dog community is made up of ordinary people who share an extraordinary affection for animals. As you meet these people on the radio show, you’ll be fascinated to learn about their experiences with the different dogs who have been saved from danger and even death thanks to the efforts of their rescuers. 

A Save a Pooch spokesperson explains, “The purpose of the show is to raise awareness of dogs in need and to share useful information with rescue dog handlers. There is so much information that may not be common knowledge, but should be available to the entire rescue dog community.” Check out Save A Pooch on Pet Life Radio. 

If you’ve ever wondered about the world of rescue dogs, or even thought about joining that network of compassionate canine support, the Save A Pooch radio show is going to be your best resource. Interviews will explore ways to enhance the rescue experience for both fosters and adopters; tips on improving the physical and emotional well-being of the rescue dogs so that they can overcome the trauma they’ve endured; opportunities for rescue dogs; rescue success stories; techniques for determining whether a rescue organization is genuine or a fraud; and much, much more! has established affiliations with Pet Alive and Only Natural Pet, two online stores whose mission is to provide holistic pet healthcare. Products available at these sites include natural remedies for physical, behavioral and trauma health; accessories and supplies that minimize the toxic ingredients that can be harmful to animals; and of course, toys.

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About Save A Pooch: is an online community that has built its reputation by taking a stand on animal welfare. The organization accomplishes this by raising awareness on vital issues such as the human-animal bond; rescue initiatives; holistic healthcare and ethical practices. Website members can connect with one another and receive updated information, insights, and tips from experts.

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