Tianjin Gubo Pre And Post Tension Product Factory Promotes Heavy Construction Projects By Introducing Several Kinds Of Pre-Stressing Anchors

With a unique portfolio of durable and reliable anchorage systems, the company helps clients to accomplish their heavy construction projects.

The pre-stressed and post-tensioned steel product factory in China specializes in producing a variety of anchorage systems that can be used in the construction sector. These anchorage systems are aimed at strengthening the concrete structures. The company specializes in pre-stressing anchors, barrel and wedge anchors, slab steel anchors and other types of anchors.

The spokesperson of the company reveals that their barrel and wedge anchor is an important post tensioning anchorage system, which is used in the construction of bridges, railway networks, roads and highways and underground projects. According to the spokesperson, this is a type of commonly used anchorage system that is used in many types of infrastructure development projects. The product is 100% reliable to support heavy loads. The company supplies the product after checking all the grips, so that a quality product is shipped to the client. The anchor can efficiently be used in the transmission of the tension in the steel wire, and thus have its important applications in the construction industry.

Tianjin Gubo Pre And Post Tension Product Factory Promotes Heavy Construction Projects By Introducing Several Kinds Of Pre-Stressing Anchors

The company also brings the slab steel anchor that comes with the hollow core slab structure. This type of anchorage system is used in the pre-tensile production. It is suitable for different sizes of steel wires in the beam, lintel making as well as precast slab factories. Available at competitive prices, the anchor is of durable quality and is suitable for a recycled use. The spokesperson states that this type of anchor has varied applications in the construction industry, such as used as a building material in concrete constructions, used in bridges as upper plates, used in PC panels, marine structures and towers, used in multi-storey buildings and also in coal mines. The products anchorage grip features locking for steel wires for the precast concrete line.

Companies can check their pre-stressing anchor range, which includes a complete choice of products for companies involved in construction projects. The anchorage system is supplied with different components, such as pre-tensioning anchor head, flat anchorage, flat anchor head and pre-stressed concrete bearing plate. The anchorage system supplied by the company is highly durable, rust proof and is easy to install. According to the spokesperson, they are capable of supplying a different assortment of pre-stressed anchors. The company excels in its process expertise and can supply bearing plates with both standard and customized configurations. With a precise design and a flawless manufacturing, the company can meet the requirements of the companies engaged in different construction activities. They also use the best materials in the production process and follow the industry norms to deliver high performance products for customers around the world.

One can learn more about their anchor production process by visiting their website http://www.pcsteelstrand.com.

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