FirmFit Flooring Proven Better Than Glue-Less Vinyl Regarding Stability and Installation

Among the different kinds of flooring available nowadays, glue-less vinyl has proven its worth with numerous customers. But now, there is one product and flooring solution which has proven to be even better than glue-less luxury vinyl: FirmFit floors, which are more stable, easier to install, and more.

UNITED STATES – When it comes to flooring, many people are understandably selective. Flooring can be an expensive investment, and it makes sense for individuals to be more careful and selective in their flooring choices if they want their investment to last. For many, choosing flooring that is affordable is just one aspect – they would like to have flooring which is also attractive and aesthetically-pleasing yet practical, easy to maintain, and durable as well.

This is undoubtedly what flooring like FirmFit floors can give. FirmFit Flooring has developed a one-of-a-kind, revolutionary type of floor which, when compared to other flooring materials such as laminate, WPC, and even glue-less vinyl, brings a lot more benefits and showcases a lot more outstanding features and qualities.

The flooring developed by FirmFit can be likened to glue-less luxury vinyl when it comes to looks and appeal, but it comes with a unique set of features and qualities which make it a much more feasible, better choice. The luxury vinyl flooring developed by FirmFit Flooring is waterproof, and it is also extra resistant to high impact and heavy loads (such as the static weight of furniture). But apart from this, FirmFit floors have other great qualities which separate them from glue-less luxury vinyl.

FirmFit confirms that its floors are better than luxury vinyl in the sense that they require no acclimation before being installed, and they don’t require any sub-floor preparations, either. Additionally, FirmFit floors can easily absorb sound, making them perfect for bedrooms, and they do not telegraph any imperfections in sub-flooring which a material like luxury vinyl can do. One more feature of FirmFit floors is their ease of installation, even in a large area. In fact, anyone can easily and conveniently install FirmFit floors in larger rooms even without any transition. Another difference between FirmFit flooring and luxury vinyl is the fact that FirmFit flooring is incredibly stable, even with high variations in temperature and exposure to sunlight, and this in itself already makes it ideal for use in any room in the home, be it a sunroom, a patio, a basement, a bathroom, kitchen, or other space.

About the company:

FirmFit Flooring is a leading name when it comes to its flooring, which is a luxury vinyl flooring specially developed with waterproof qualities as well as scratch- and dent-resistant properties. For additional information on the luxury vinyl flooring available from FirmFit Flooring, visit the website.

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