Core Plumbing Advises Homeowners To Prepare Their Plumbing Systems For The Cold Season

Core Plumbing, a professional plumber operating in San Diego, has advised all homeowners to prepare their home plumbing systems before the upcoming winter season. In order to ensure proper functionality of the home plumbing system during the cold season, the company has recommended outdoor pipe insulation, water heater insulation, and leaving the thermostat on.

SAN DIEGO, California – Core Plumbing has shared several tips on its website to help homeowners prepare their home plumbing systems for the cold winter season. The company has advised homeowners to insulate all outdoor pipes, keep the thermostat on, and insulate their storage tank water heaters. 

Core Plumbing wants all homeowners to prepare their home plumbing systems before the cold winter season kicks in. In an article published in the blog section of the company’s website, Core Plumbing notes that the plumbing system can suffer a lot of damage during the cold season. Pointedly titled “How to Prepare Your Home Plumbing System for Winter,” the blog post offers four main tips for preparing the home plumbing system before the cold season starts. Core Plumbing insists that all these measures should be implemented before the cold season kicks in.

According to the article, homeowners should focus on several critical and vulnerable areas when preparing the plumbing system for the cold season. These critical areas include all the outdoor water supply pipes, outdoor drainage pipes, and any plumbing fixtures or appliances that are installed outdoors. 

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The main objective of preparing the home plumbing system for the cold season is to prevent frozen pipes. This occurs when the water flowing in the water supply pipes or even the drainage pipes freezes and clogs the pipes. This can cause the pipes to burst. To prevent this problem, Core Plumbing advises homeowners to insulate all outdoor pipes with heavy pipe sleeves. Pipes that are installed inside the house can also freeze. This can be prevented by keeping the thermostat on at all times during the cold season. Lastly, Core Plumbing recommends a thorough inspection of the whole plumbing system before winter, inside and out.

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