Travel even cheaper: Take advantage of price errors on booking sites

The Netherlands – December 19, 2018 – Today launches a website that makes it possible for travellers in the Netherlands to get very cheap flights. Adams Flight Deals is managed by Adam, a veteran in the world of aviation. He looks for mistakes made in airline fares on booking sites around the world and posts them online to let people discover the world on a budget.

These so-called error fares are automatically generated and published by airlines, often without them knowing. Due to a combination of actions and exceptions, this sometimes results in extremely low prices for flights, which can often only be booked for a few days.

Error Flight Fares are made everyday in the commercial travel industry through human error. Founded by Adam Breeze, an entrepreneur based in The Netherlands, Adams Cheap Flight Deals will build a connection between these errors and those that want to travel on a budget without skimping on style. “I always wanted to travel the world when I was young,” Adam said. “I have been able to set up this website through my hour-long quests for deals and with the help of technical friends.”

“Adams Cheap Flight Deals is an invitation to anyone in The Netherlands with the same passion as I have; it’s for those who love to travel but don’t have the budget. There are cheap tickets out there, and this website will help people find them and buy them.” 

Air travel is one of the busiest commercial sectors which makes human errors inevitable. Massive deductions in air fares happen when fuel costs or airport taxes are not included in the final cost of a ticket. The cost of fuel amounts to an average of thirty five percent of an airline ticket. The cost of airport tax can be even greater, depending on the destination travelled to. 

Additional costs to an air fare include security costs and immigration user fees. In Europe the merging of companies like KLM and Air France means less competition and thusly increased air fees. Adams Cheap Flight Deals sets the goal of spotting tickets for sale by these companies where certain crucial charges have been overlooked. Once these airfares are posted online they cannot be detracted. Subscribers to AFD can take full advantage of these bargain tickets and enjoy travelling to major destinations at a reduced rate. 

Standard booking sites such as Expedia and BudgetAir offer a comparison service, but the rates of air travel tend to stay the same. AFD operate as a mediator between the airline company and the customer, and unlike standard booking sites, only offers airfares made by mistake. Error fares made by major airlines are usually posted for travel on the busiest routes. The average flight cost from Europe to New York is €400.00. With a deduction in fuel cost and airport tax, this fee comes down to €120.00. 

“I’m delighted to see young travellers taking an interest in AFD already!” continued the Enthusiastic CEO. “Whatever you do, I believe in getting the best deal possible. I want to see travellers based in The Netherlands gain access to America and Asia at a budget they can manage. I was inspired to create this site by the Alitalia typo made in 2006.” 

In 2006, Alitalia airlines were forced to honour a business class airfare from Toronto to Lanorca for $39.00 instead of $3900.00. A webuser discovered the error and posted the mistake to FlyerTalk. By the time Alitalia corrected the fare, up to two thousand people claimed the tickets and enjoyed the cheapest flight of their lives. 

Adams Cheap Flight Deals launches this month. The goal for 2019 is to reach out to more airline companies in The Netherlands. New deals will ensure a future of reduced rates for the keen traveller. To find out more please visit:

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