China, Britain eye further exchanges of personnel in science, innovation

China and Britain should strengthen exchanges of personnel in the field of science and innovation as part of the efforts to push forward the “Golden Era” bilateral relations, said a senior Chinese official on Nov. 29th.

Zhang JianguoVice Minster of Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, made the remarks at the ceremony in London

Zhang Jianguo, Vice Minster of Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, said China-Britain exchanges of personnel in science and technology have entered a “Golden Era” with more than 40,000 British experts working in China each year, forming a major part of driving force for China-Britain innovation.

China will adopt more active and open policies to welcome foreign experts and professionals, Zhang said.

Zhang made the remarks at the launch ceremony of Britain as the only guest of honor for the upcoming Conference on International Exchange of Professionals (CIEP) to be held in China’s Shenzhen in April, 2019.

Dubbed as “China’s top conference for talents”, CIEP gathers international experts and professionals with the largest scale and highest level in China.

The year 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of the inter-governmental agreement on scientific and technological cooperation between China and Britain, Zhang noted.

After 40 years, a new pattern of wide-ranging China-Britain cooperation in technological innovation in which multiple players are engaged among enterprises, universities, research institutes, Zhang said.

He called on China and Britain, both big countries in science and technology innovation, to seek more cooperation opportunities.

Zhu Qin, Minister of the Chinese Embassy in the UK said China-Britain cooperation in science and technology is the “golden fruits” in the “golden era” of China-Britain relations.

China-Britain cooperation in innovation faces unprecedented opportunities as the world is undergoing profound changes, he said.

There are 170,000 students in Britain and 10,000 British students in China and many experts and scholars are working in each other’s countries, forming a solid foundation for high-level exchanges of talents between the two countries, Zhu noted.

David Willetts, member of the House of Lords and former Minister of State for Universities and Science, said China is one of the strategic partners in the development of science and technology that Britain wants to work closely with.

“We want to see continuing collaboration with China in science and the commercialization of technology,” he said.

This event also marks the 30th anniversary commemoration of China Association for International Exchange of Personnel (CAIEP)’s UK office.

CAIEP, established in 1985, aims to foster cooperation between China and other countries in such fields as industry, agriculture, science and education through personnel exchanges.

The 30th anniversary commemoration reception of CAIEP-UK office & The launch ceremony of guest of honor (UK) for the 17th CIEP

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