“ADSS 5th Anniversary in Asia and Press Conference” was held in Shanghai on December 12, 2018

“ADSS 5th Anniversary in Asia and Press Conference” was held in Shanghai on December 12, 2018. ADSS Asia CEO, Francis Lee and Deputy CEO, Jacob Wissum attended the event.

As an international financial services company, ADSS deeply understands the importance of regulation to customers. ADSS is regulated by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates, and its London office is regulated by the FCA in the UK. In addition to that, unlike many other brokers in industry which do not own a Hong Kong license, ADSS Hong Kong office holds Type 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 Licenses authorized by the SFC in Hong Kong.

ADSS is a very well capitalized company and initially focused on institutional service by providing liquidity and other trading solutions for a range of brokers in the market, the company has then extended its business to the retail brokerage and global markets. In just a few years, ADSS’ scope of services has covered investment banking, wealth management, corporate finance and other services.

ADSS has been in the Asia market for five years. While looking into the future of the financial industry, Mr. Francis Lee commented: “ADSS was started eight years ago in Abu Dhabi with the vision of becoming a disruptive force in the financial services industry. Established with strong capital base, it has consistently invested technology, developing OREX, its acclaimed proprietary trading platform. We are very clear that blockchain is a game changer for financial services. The use of transparent distributed ledger technology will allow our industry to develop a new range of services and products delivering what the next generation of investors is looking for. In the future our OREX app will use artificial intelligence to deliver cash management solutions – simple and innovative ways to generate fixed returns on capital, while offering opportunities to utilize funds to trade a wide range of financial markets and assets.”

After the rebranding in 2018, the brand name ADS grew into ADSS, which features “Living Your Way, Trading Your Way.” In the future, ADSS will continue to integrate trading into customers’ life as always, bringing them the most secured trading experience.

For more information on ADSS, please visit www.adss.com.

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