MyChargeBack Advises on the Impacts of Loan Fee Scams

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MyChargeBack, an American company, registered in Delaware and headquartered in New York provides proven way to fight back scams. They advise on the consequences of loan fee scams!

New York City, New York – Dec 20, 2018 – If a person has a bad credit, or an overdraft, missed a mortgage payment or even has lost a job, he will be disqualified by the bank when he applies for a loan. There are chances that he might put himself at risk by becoming a victim of a loan fee fraud.

The Financial Conduct Authority mentions that more than £3.5 million is being scammed every year by the fraudsters tricking one to pay an upfront fee, before they are offered the loan.

The experts at MyChargeBack, a leading international fund recovery service whose clients are victims of online scam such as Forex, binary options, cyrptocurrency scams now warns about the consequences of loan fee scams.

“You’ll find ads from scammers on the internet and their posts in the social media. They spam messages by SMS to tens of thousands of people at a time. They usually say they never reject anyone, regardless of credit history. That’s your first red light. In the United States, in fact, it’s against the law to make such a claim,” says the spokesperson of MyChargeBack.

“How will you be asked to pay the fee? Wire transfer, from a bank, from Western Union or an online payment processor. After all, since you have bad credit they won’t accept a check, even if you have enough money in the bank to cover it. Or to make it even easier for you they’ll let you pay using iTunes vouchers. How nice of them,” further added the spokesperson.

Scammers prefer receiving wire transfers from their victims because once they are received they are irreversible. And once vouchers of any kind are redeemed they cannot be retrieved. Especially, when you ultimately have no idea who received them. A scammer will not use his real name. Once he has the money, of course, the person won’t get you the loan. He’s not in the loan business but the scam business. Most likely he’ll disappear or become inaccessible immediately afterwards.

The spokesperson also continued, “You don’t have to wait until you lose your money to suspect that something’s fishy. MyChargeBack, one of the world’s leading international fund recovery services for victims of financial and investment scams, strongly advises that before signing any agreement or paying, check with your national, state or provincial financial regulator. Providers of commercial loans are required to be licensed by most of them.”

Scam firms, obviously, never apply for a license because they know they would never be granted one. They are breaking the law when they advertise, when they contact you and when they offer you a loan that they have no intention of providing. For that reason the smarter scammers out there prefer to impersonate real licensed loan providers, which, of course, is yet another violation of the law.

About MyChargeBack:

MyChargeBack is an American company, registered in Delaware and headquartered in New York, with a global focus and an international client base throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. They work with the mission to provide consumers with a proven way to fight back to recover their money after bitcoin scam.

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