Kingsland University School of Blockchain Announces Executive Education Course as Part of Miami Blockchain Week

As the Official Education Partner of the North American Bitcoin Conference, Kingsland School of Blockchain brings its industry-aligned, insight-driven Executive Education program to Miami in January 2019.

Kingsland University School of Blockchain has been named as the Official Education Partner of The North American Bitcoin Conference. Prior to the conference, Kingsland has announced they will be conducting their pilot Executive Education program. 

The course and conference will serve as part of the inaugural Miami Blockchain Week spanning January 14-22.

Designed to help executives future-proof their businesses and individual skill sets, the Blockchain Executive 2-Day Fast-Track features case studies of blockchain in enterprise and explores the leadership challenges associated with developing blockchain strategy.

“We’ve spoken at length about the blockchain developer shortage, but there’s prerequisite considerations to be made long before companies can contend with the talent drought. Most significant among them is establishing executive understanding of blockchain,” said Kingsland Founder & CEO, John Souza. “Enterprise executives enact change from the top down, so we have to educate accordingly.”

A key collaborator and chief instructor of Kingsland’s executive education is Alex Lightman, an MIT graduate with a lengthy resume of blockchain advisory roles, tech innovations, global keynote engagements, and thought-leading publications. 

“I’m thrilled to share what I’ve learned from industry experts with people who want to accelerate their ability to incorporate Blockchain technology in their companies,” said Lightman. “The Blockchain community is very generous and welcoming to those who can embrace new vocabulary, concepts and values, but this new ‘system of the world’ can be intimidating at first.

“I wanted to share through this course what I wish people had told me years ago, and open up new possibilities for a better, more truthful, trustworthy, and secure Internet, and make Blockchain go mainstream faster. I want corporate America to feel more welcome and invited to join the cryptosphere. I think people who take this first Kingsland Executive course will look back and feel that we were part of something remarkable.”

The Blockchain Executive 2-Day Fast-Track will initiate the global distribution of Kingsland’s executive training that will scale to several worldwide locations in 2019.

Registration for the Blockchain Executive 2-Day Course in Miami is open now.

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