How an Electronic Locker System Can Help Delivery Companies and eCommerce Businesses

Delivery companies and eCommerce businesses can benefit from adopting electronic locker systems in their shipping process. The normal shipping process has many problems. For eCommerce businesses, their deliveries can be missed by their customers. This becomes a common issue if the household has working adults that will not be home to accept important shipments. Another problem is that deliveries can be stolen if they are left in the mail box or outside the customers’ doors. 

For delivery companies, they have to find parking in tight spaces in order to make the necessary deliveries. Delivery trucks often have to deal with parking tickets, parking fees, traffic, and the costs of gas. Both problems that delivery companies and eCommerce businesses face with the normal shipping process can be helped with the use of electronic locker systems which is also known as a self-service kiosk

Instead of delivering directly to their residents, customers can pick up their orders at a designated location to have their products shipped to. They will then be able to pick up their orders at their convenience instead of waiting for the shipment at home. In fact, a study done in by the University of Washington found that parcel pending lockers significantly reduced failed deliveries

Congestion in Seattle caused by delivery trucks is a trending problem as the eCommerce industry is continuing to grow year after year. Their explanation for running the study in the first place was to find a solution for reducing this congestion. In addition to getting rid of failed deliveries, it was found that the parking time of delivery trucks was reduced by 78 percent. This will likely prove to yield similar results to other large cities. 

But just how do electronic locker systems work? When a delivery is made, the customer is notified so that the customer can pick up the order at any time. The product will be stored in a secure locker. From there, customers can go the pickup location and access their delivery by providing some kind of identification. This can be anything from an ID card, the credit card used for the order, or the order number provided by the eCommerce merchant. 

Depending on the service provider, additional security may be provided such as a security officer or a security camera. Of course, there will be many different verification options that will be available to consumers. One of the simpler solutions might be a simple code that is sent to the phone number of the customer. The customer will receive a PIN code via text message that they can enter into the electronic locker to open it. 

These electronic lockers can be geared for both consumers and businesses. Some consumers may choose one single electronic locker that all their online orders will be shipped to for convenience. At the same time, merchants and shipping companies can save money or better control their resources by offering customers the option to pick up their order at a nearby locker. Whatever the case, these lockers provide a great solution to an emerging problem.

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