Company announces plan to accept more investors upon meeting funding target.

WY, USA – DEC. 20, 2018 – Ecoventz founder and CEO Andreas Roussos announced the company has met its minimum target funding goal of $10,000 and is now inviting new investors to invest in the company. To date, Ecoventz has raised $16,200 of its goal.

A company dedicated to making a positive environmental impact, Ecoventz specializes in creating and distributing high quality filters for exhaust systems, primarily used in the industrial and commercial cooking industries.

Their best-known product, the High Efficiency Mist Collector (HEMC), is able to collect 95% of all airborne mists of .3 microns & larger emitted by traditional cookers in a single stage, helping businesses stay within NFPA standards and keep fans & hoods clean & . In addition, Ecoventz products cut costs by keeping cooking exhausts running more efficiently, and are designed specifically to minimize the potential of grease-caused fires.

“We believe the HEMC is one product that can really be a game changer in the cooking sector,” said Roussos. “These filters help businesses contribute positively to the environment and cut costs at the same time, while adding an additional safety factor in these buildings.”

Those interested in investing in Ecoventz can visit Tru Crowd and become part of the company today, with a minimum investment of $250. For more information on the company and its commitment to environmental wellness, go to


A company operating primarily in the industrial and commercial cooking sectors, Ecoventz provides high quality air filters to keep cooking exhausts and fans clean and running efficiently. Based in WY, USA & Ontario, Canada, Ecoventz is committed to making a positive environmental impact by helping clients reduce emissions.

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