Universal Centre For Mind Sciences and Alternative Therapies Ltd, offering free treatments, consultations and space for meditation on Thursdays

Universal Centre For Mind Sciences and Alternative Therapies Ltd, the international center devoted to the practice and teachings of spiritual arts and pseudo-science and its owner Syed Mazhar Uddin Taj are offering free treatments, consultations and space for meditation on Thursdays. The joyful initiative is sure to bring heartwarming cheers to all United Kingdom residents in the light of the difficult times as a result of Brexit.

The innovative center is aiming to foster togetherness amongst Brits during this trying period for the country and wants to help them channel their minds and energy for the progress of the nation. The owner of the Centre, Syed Mazhar Uddin Taj believes all brits doing the meditation together at the same time will help achieve a stronger nation, “I would request every British Citizen, no matter where they are if it’s safe to do the Meditation then please do it together at the same time for The Great Britain, together we can make this country stronger, it’s our duty to play our part in this difficult time.”

Syed Mazhar restates the center’s offer to help, “I want every British citizen to do a 5 Minutes Meditation and use the power of creative visualization every Sunday at 11 AM in their own home and comfort, otherwise they can visit the Universal Centre For Mind Sciences and Alternative Therapies Ltd where me and my team would be happy to assist you in the Meditation and creative visualization.” 

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/gwdxZf8xq1E

For Britain to keep its glory, Syed believes everyone must work together, that no matter the result of Brexit, everyone must play their part in the coming years to make the United Kingdom stronger. “We need to focus” He says when asked how everyone can work together, he also stressed the need for unity, “We need to Focus, Imagine or visualize a stronger Britain we need to play a movie in our mind that we all are happy and our universe is happy; the whole of the universe is happy. No matter if you can’t focus, imagine or visualize the movie in your mind, if possible do it, if not then do the prayers no matter which religion you follow. We need to act together without any Religious, Cultural or Political influence.”

About Universal Centre for Mind Sciences and Alternative Therapies Ltd.

We are individuals who have devoted our lives to the practices and teachings of the spiritual arts and pseudo-sciences. We have experts in many different fields of Mind Sciences, Alternative/Complementary Therapies and much more. We are all close friends and want to keep a family atmosphere with all of our students and clients. We know that you will have fun with us and that with our advice you can achieve your happiness.

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