Thor Swap: The Best Place To Swap And Buy Cryptocurrencies

On Dec 18th, 2018, Thor Swap released Version 2.2, bringing the innovative and the one and only function on the market called compare rate. With this new function, Thor Swap users will be able to compare the exchange fees and withdraw fees among most of popular exchanges such as Binance and make the best choice according to the real-time data Thor Swap provides.

Thor Swap, a crypto swap platform developed by the Thor Network team, stands out from other cryptocurrency exchanges for its fairness, security and transaction speed. Without account registration, users can easily buy and swap most of the popular cryptocurrencies on the market with considerably fast speed and high security. Below are the major important features of the Thor Swap exchange platform that will make it have global usage.

  • Account Free

You can exchange without KYC on Thor Swap, which means no account needed to swap cryptocurrencies and exchange anonymously. At the same time, you can track all your trading records by leaving your emails. The platform also doesn’t collect any personal data on its customers to buy, swap, convert, and exchange cryptocurrency.

With Thor Swap, you can instantly swap Bitcoin and many of other crypto assets. You simply select one cryptocurrency as the input and another one as the output, fill in the input cryptocurrency’s amount, and then start swapping directly by following the instructions.

  • Lightning Fast

By using Thor Swap Flash Mode, you will complete swap within one minute based on its atomic swap technology. Currently only ERC20 tokens are supported by this mode. There will be more tokens supported in the future.

On the other hand, Thor Swap Standard mode supports more than 40 tokens including BTC, ETH, EOS, LTC, etc. and provides the fastest cryptocurrency exchange experience comparing with other decentralized exchanges.

The order process time is largely shortened because of its atomic swap technology and reserve pool model. Both innovative technologies makes sure the processing speed is faster than ever.

  • Best Rate

Thor Swap offers the best and lowest exchange fee comparing with other platforms. With its innovative and the one and only compare rate function, users will get a clear view on how much exchange fees and withdraw fees they need to pay on popular exchanges such as Binance and Huobi. However, Thor Swap will always make sure the exchange fee on Thor Swap is the lowest among major exchanges on the market, saving both your time and money.

  • Buy cryptocurrencies with credit card

Thor Swap is also the best place to buy cryptocurrency with credit card. After partnered with Bit2Me and Indacoin, users now can directly buy desired cryptocurrencies by credit card from USD/EUR/GBP/AUD/RUB. On Thor Swap, users can really have the full service from buying cryptocurrency to swap cryptocurrency, easy and fast.

If you’re looking for the best altcoin exchange, the fastest cryptocurrency exchange to convert your cryptos, and the best place to buy cryptos with credit card, and most importantly, an anonymous exchange without KYC, Thor Swap is the best choice for you.

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