New Android App \’Just Happy Hours\’ Released In Austin, Texas

The free happy hour finder will boost bar and restaurant traffic and revenues in 2019 by making it easier to attract customers to happy hour events.

Just in time for the new year in the competitive restaurant industry, the Just Happy Hours Android app debuts in Austin, TX. Restaurants and bars can create and promote their happy hours, including days, times, and drink and food specials, free of charge. All they need to do is visit the app’s website and add themselves to the app directory.

With the official debut of the Just Happy Hours mobile app, meeting new people and making new friends has never been easier or more fun and convenient. Plus, the Just Happy Hours app has the potential to significantly accelerate traffic and revenues for participating bars and restaurants in this increasingly saturated industry. “The app can give you much greater visibility and exposure,” says Lynn, “while attracting new clientele who typically stay past happy hour to spend more money on food and beverages while visiting with new friends.”

Venues interested in creating and promoting their own events on the happy hour app will find it especially useful. It can be challenging to fill wine-making classes, Trivia Nights, taproom tastings, and other special events designed to generate more revenue. Relying on current or new customers to bring friends often results in empty seats as people’s plans change. With the Just Happy Hours app, special events will be full, often with a waiting list!

The Just Happy Hours app makes it fun, easy, free, and fast for people to arrange happy hour get-togethers in advance or spontaneously, and to find happy hours to and socialize with new people in unfamiliar neighborhoods.

“The app is ideal for newcomers or travelers who find themselves in the beautiful city of Austin,” explains Rachaelle Lynn, Founder and President of Just Happy Hours. “It’s also handy if you have been in Austin for a while and just want to get out there and have fun. The app helps you meet new people and make friends in a safe, fun, no-stress environment – while enjoying some of the best happy hour events this city has to offer.”

Videos are available online to see exactly how the app works. To enjoy a sneak preview as a beta tester before the app is available to the general public, visit the website and download it now. Just Happy Hours is seeking feedback from consumers, restaurant and bar management, and bartenders.

Development on the iOS version of the happy hour finder will begin in the new year. In the meantime, anyone over the age of 21 can download the app, set up their own personal profile, and start creating and attending unique happy hour events.

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