The next frontier of digital banking service – NHK TV visits the global digital service provider CoinBank

Different from how the digital commercial bank was defined in the past, digital bank is setting off a user experience-centered wave, and have been fully optimized from business process to customer relationships. In terms of deposit, payment and daily use, it gives a new definition to banking services. After discovering the potential value of digital banking, NHK TV, the biggest public media agency in Japan, paid a visit to CoinBank, a brand that targets digital banking business.


As a digital financial service provider targeting younger generation, CoinBank has carried out services that leverage blockchain and AI technology, which go quite in line with NHK’s reporting on emerging areas.

Compared with some developing countries, Japan has not been very successful in the application of digital financial innovation. On the one hand, people have become accustomed to using credit cards for daily payments; on the other hand, because of the soundness of traditional architecture, new technologies will not be made so widespread in case of any potential risks. That’s why NHK, as a global independent voice, desires to convey the convenience and efficiency brought by new technologies to Japan and ROW.

During the interview, CoinBank’s R&D engineers showed NHK reporter the logic behind blockchain technology. The lead from CoinBank explained the working principle and proper relationship of the technology application to help the audience better know the details.

Lately busy with launching the newly developed APP services, CoinBank’s technical staff, even unprepared, received the NHK visitors with open arms, and discussed with the reporter about the company’s technical application and business development. During the conversation, the NHK reporter asked several times about what they have achieved and how they feel about working at CoinBank. About this question, these technical staff shared what is really in their minds; NHK visitors also gave their positive opinions and claimed, “The digital banking model will have a very good market prospect once fully popularized in Japan.”

It is learned that CoinBank is intending to promote its business to the Japanese market. On November 29, an officer from CoinBank attended the blockchain technology summit held by Japan Digital Finance in Tokyo, and met with Yukio Hatoyama, former Japanese Prime Minister and Kazuyuki Hamada, senator of the Diet of Japan. Though not yet put into practice in Japan, this business has entered a new market and will make more innovative services accessible to a wider base of users. This is not only a simple business practice, but also a long-term goal of CoinBank as a new-generation brand.

A global independent voice, NHK is also the only public TV broadcaster in Japan that enjoys a high degree of industrial recognition in the world. Committed to making people’s life better by means of communications, NHK is constantly working on digging newsworthy events and creating greater values and always keeps going forward. Stay with us for follow-up news about CoinBank.

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