AirP2P’s Ambitious Projects Rank Them Among the Top Blockchain Companies Currently Underway

The industrial revolution of the 18th century was among the most notable events in all of human history, as it propelled the human race beyond any point it had been at in the past. Many experts believe that a similar revolution is already taking place – however this time, it is entirely digital.

With the rise of blockchain technology and crypto-currencies, it is highly likely that the current age will be known as the time when the first ever digital revolution took place. With many companies and organizations revolutionizing the way in which the world and its economy works – there is no saying what the future holds. Among the many leading companies in this regard – is AirP2P.

AirP2P fully embraces the digital age – and aims to add a level of accessibility that will connect gamers, editors and designers all around the world. In the age of technology, keeping up with all the newest updates and changes to hardware can be taxing, not just for one’s time, but also for their money. As a result, people are often restricted from utilizing mega-computers, however, with the assistance of AirP2P and the blockchain technology, people all across the world will have the ability to attain powerful computing power with ease.

In essence, AirP2P allows its users to rent high end configurations, allowing students and gamers to gain the power of exceptional systems through the AirP2P tokens. With ease of use and effective pricing, one will be able to utilize powerful systems without dealing with the hefty costs that are usually present. However that is not all, as AirP2P is also working on creating a new chatting software called Blocksender. This chatting software will assist people in communicating with one another with the utmost safety, security and anonymity.

As a result of this, AirP2P has been ranked among the top 5 most innovative and era-defining blockchain projects out there. It is quickly garnering a lot of popularity from not just gamers, but also designers editors, and people looking for a safe and secure chatting software.

About AirP2P

AirP2P is an Iceland based start-up, a brainchild of Kristinn Spence and Sigurdur Benediktsson. Sigurdur is the CEO of the company while Kristinn is the Project Manager.

Alongside providing a virtual network that allows students, gamers and designers to connect and utilize high-end configurations with ease, AirP2P is also working on another project called Blocksender. Blocksender is designed to be a chatting software that will have military grade encryption. The aim behind this software is to provide the communicating parties with the utmost security and anonymity. They will be creating a token around Blocksender which will allow users to earn tokens through the usage of their software.

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