Get Dental Implants in a Day from \’New Teeth in One Day Dental Clinics\’

Happy holidays everyone! How amazing would it be to get new dental implants in time for Christmas and New Year festivities? Forget the lengthy and painful procedures with traditional dental implants. New Teeth in One Day Dental Clinics offer teeth in a day implants for their dental clients. You can now walk into any of their six clinics across Ontario and go back home with a new set of teeth.

Dental implants are permanent restorations that are better alternatives to dentures. Implants are titanium screws that are permanently attached to the jaw. They act as a point of attachment for prosthetic teeth. Traditionally, the process of getting implants is a lengthy and exhausting one. After the initial consultation, patients have to walk in for multiple appointments before finally enjoying their new teeth. Treatment can take months, even longer if one has to undergo bone grafting.

Revolutionary Dental Implant Treatment

Teeth in a Day is a revolutionary treatment that allows patients to get new implants within one appointment at the dentist’s office. During treatment, one gets only four implants, a significant improvement from traditional procedures where one can have six or eight implants. The titanium devices are placed at an angle to increase contact by taking advantage of natural bone support. Unlike traditional implants, bone grafting is not a requirement, and any person is a viable candidate for teeth in a day procedures.

New Teeth in One Day Dental Clinics are now offering dental implants in a day in all their six clinics in Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Guelph, and Mississauga. When a patient visits the clinic, they get an initial consultation and a pre-procedure examination. The dentist then organizes a third appointment during which all the implants are placed in the jaw. A key spokesperson states, “We promise that the implants placement procedure will be finished in a day, whether you need full or partial dentures.  Clients can walk into any of our clinics and go home with a new set of teeth.” Once the mouth heals, one can go back to the dentist and get their permanent teeth.

About New Teeth in One Day Clinics: Leading Practitioners for Teeth in a Day Dental Procedures

New Teeth in One Day Clinics are dental clinics that are located in six cities in Ontario: Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Guelph, and Mississauga. The clinics specialize in offering new dental implants in one day. The company provides the following dental implants services:

  • Single dental implant
  • Partial/ multiple dental implants
  • Full dental implants

Whether one requires an implant to replace one, multiple, or all teeth, New Teeth in One Day Clinics have these services under one roof. They have a highly qualified team of professionals who specialize in implant procedures. They also offer flexible payment plans to suit different patients’ needs as well.

Individuals don’t have to worry about what the procedure will require. During the initial appointment, the dentist goes over the process, what it entails, and the preparations that patients need before the surgery. New Teeth in One Day Clinics guarantee maximum comfort and safety to their patients. There’s no better way to welcome the New Year than by getting new teeth in a day implants to replace missing teeth.

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