Therapy Spot’s Autism Therapy Program Now Includes ABA and ESDM

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! The festive season comes with exciting news for parents with autistic children or loved ones. Therapy Spot, a leading therapy school in Toronto, has launched an autism therapy program that melds both ABA and ESDM. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) are programs that offer a comprehensive, early intervention approach to autistic children. The training combines speech therapy with behavioral analysis to help kids achieve learning and speech capabilities as well as adaptive behavior.

GABA School for Autism Therapy

Therapy Spot’s GABA School is a social school that’s run at their clinic and it is specially set up to offers Autism, ABA, and ESDM therapy. The school offers a variety of training programs depending on each child’s needs, age group, and developmental level. Every child receives a unique program whose role is to target the specific speech and behavioral challenges that they are facing. Therapy is available in the following age groups:

  • Autism therapy for ages 0 to 6
  • Autism therapy for ages 7 to 12
  • Autism therapy for children above 12 years

GABA School
boasts a unique and holistic evidence-based program that guarantees results. Simone Friedman, the founder of Therapy Spot, states, “Our autism school is designed to provide a low student to teacher ratio. With each teacher having fewer children to attend to, they can give undivided attention and one-on-one training to each child, a necessary step to achieving positive results.”

Parents who don’t have the time to visit the Toronto clinic don’t have to worry about tight schedules. GABA School offers training programs at home or daycare centers depending on the parent’s preferred spot. All one has to do is contact the school so that they can discuss a viable training plan. Some of the programs that the school offers include the following:

  • ESDM
  • Pivotal response training
  • Discrete trial training
  • American sign language
  • Sequential oral sensory feeding
  • Sensational mealtimes
  • Floortime
  • Behavior targeting

The autism school also trains children in social groupings. Therefore, parents who want their kids to develop social skills, problem-solving skills, and learn interaction with other children can enrol them in the social group programs.

About Therapy Spot

Therapy Spot is a leading therapy clinic and autism treatment center in Toronto, Ontario. The clinic was founded in 2012 by Simon Friedman, and its primary goal was to treat children and adults with cognitive, communication, and learning difficulties. The clinic initially started as an autism center, but it has since grown to incorporate other programs such as ESDM and ABA. These programs provide a holistic approach to cognitive and learning difficulties in children and adults. They focus not only on improving speech but also helping individuals to develop cognitive behavior, social and interaction skills, and problem-solving capabilities.

Therapy Spot programs achieve outstanding outcomes within a short period. This success can be attributed to their holistic program and one-on-one approach to training. The clinic has helped hundreds of autistic kids and adults to develop cognitive, communication, and learning capabilities. What’s more, it has a flexible program, and individuals can get training at home, daycare, workplace, or the clinic depending on their most convenient location.

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