Organic Food and Drink, HIIT Workouts, and Bulk Herbs: Among the Top Fitness Crazes of 2018

The veracity of the matter is, a popular fitness trend can significantly influence the methods and approaches of how individuals work-out. Even if an individual does not exercise or perform physical activities, there is a high chance that they might just reconsider their choice if they notice a popular fitness or health trend. Fitness trends are essentially health and/or wellness movement or fad that is moving in a captivating direction of positive development or change. Albeit numerous individuals see trends altogether as a negative notion, often associating them with the inability to be distinctive, a trend in general regardless of its sector can often influence and motivate individuals to be the best version of themselves. This is particularly beneficial when it pertains to an individual’s health and overall wellbeing. Below are among the top 10 fitness trends of 2018

The Consumption of Organic Foods and Drinks

The majority of researchers actually credit millennials for the increase in popularity of organic food consumption as a whole. It is estimated that this level of popularity is set to increase in the upcoming years, especially with more individuals now realizing the health risks associated with poor eating habits. Organic produce and drinks are produced without the addition of potentially harmful pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, sewage sludge or ionizing radiation. As for animals, they do not consume any growth hormones or antibiotics. This trend is among the most globally popular fad for the past several years. There is a high chance that an advertisement popped-up on an individual’s social media or search engines reading “click here to buy the cleanest, healthiest and tastiest organic products to enhance overall health”. This a large contributor to the reason as to why the organic food industry has been experiencing significant profits in the past years.

Healthy Herbs and Powders

Implementing the consumption of healthy powders and herbs can tremendously benefit an individual’s overall health. Various types of herbs contain vital and nutritional vitamins, as well as the ability to prevent inflammation. The majority of herbs are also very beneficial since they contain protective polyphenols. Furthermore, they can be easily consumed when mixed with a preferred drink, smoothie or even placed in capsules such as Capsule Supplies. Lastly, herbs have been utilized for decades for their medicinal benefits, as well as the ability to provide a flavorful burst in foods and drinks.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This training method’s popularity skyrocketed due to the results of numerous individuals who participated or employed this training method. High in transit interval training involves spurts of maximal-effort during training which lasts for about 20-90 seconds. This is then followed by a short intensity rest-period, then repeated several times. The primary goal of this training method is to be able to recover quickly, while keeping the heart-rate up constantly during the workout or training session. Although most of these sessions last no longer than 30 minutes each, some advanced athletes may have a longer training session. The reason associated with this trend involves the ability to quickly as well as efficiently perform required cardio sessions, while promoting muscle growth simultaneously.

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