Vital Information on How to Deal with Eye Fatigue

Eye fatigue is a symptom of eye strain. The scientific name of this condition is asthenopia. Other symptoms of eye strain include blurred vision, headaches, double vision and pain around and in the eye. In this digital age, most people work with screens for long periods of time.

The American Optometric Association includes neck and shoulder pain as symptoms of eye strain. According to a 2016 survey carried out by the association, 58 percent of American adults have experienced eye strain problems as a result of digital screens. In addition to this, the association points out that the digital devices reflect blue light which is responsible for eye problems.

Causes of Eye Fatigue

The causes of eye fatigue include: staring at the computer screen, phone screen, tablet screen, laptop screen, and TV screen for an extended period. When you focus on a visual task that is intense such as the above examples, the tightening of the ciliary muscles occurs.

Consequently, the eyes will become uncomfortable and irritated. In addition to this, using screens with a refresh rate that is low also causes this problem. Moreover, staring at older screens of whatever nature also causes eye fatigue. Furthermore, rapidly moving images, blurred images or double images may also lead to this problem.

Notwithstanding the screens, eye fatigue may also be caused by other issues which may cause you to strain your eyes. These include uncorrected eye problems such as binocular vision issues brought about by focusing on a visual image through a small region for a long time. This can be a camera or a video camera. In addition to, driving for long and reading a book for a long period while straining your eyes.

How to Treat Eye Fatigue

Eye fatigue is just one of the conditions that are brought about by straining your eyes. Therefore, relieving your eyes should be one of the ways that you can deal with this condition. However, you may be working and naturally, you can’t conveniently just quit your job. Following the tips below will assist you in dealing with it.

Anti-Reflective Coating

You can opt to acquire lenses with optical lenses if you wear glasses. These ones will assist in eliminating the glare that emanates from the digital screens and even the strain that is caused by driving at night. Additionally, you can choose to obtain computer glasses from a reliable dealer such as Felix Gray. The glasses will be fitted with the same coating. Furthermore, they are also designed to filter the blue light in addition to eliminating glare. Moreover, these lenses are automatically designed to remain clear even after they absorb the blue light.

In addition to this, some of the glasses are also designed to decrease the strain on the ciliary muscle by having magnifications. However, you can opt for the non-magnified ones which also don’t have prescriptions. To find out more about these functional glasses log onto their link online.

Take a Break

Ophthalmologists advise anyone who uses a digital screen, to take a break from looking at it every 20 minutes. This will automatically give your eyes the much-needed rest. And with rest comes reducing eye fatigue.

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