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“The Pikin Family of Mexican Candies & Snacks”
Pikin Food Products specializes in Hispanic Candies, Snacks and Food products specifically dedicated to meeting the requirements of the US markets. Our products cover all types of customers in Hispanic Candies & Snacks, from the traditional Mexican candies to the Modern more youthful Candies, and botanas with well known brands, all Factory Direct.

Welcome to Pikin Food Products. Our family owned and operated business has provided Mexican food distribution services since 1992. We offer Hispanic food distribution services to independent distributors, distribution warehouses and major retail chain stores in the south and southwestern United States. We specialize in Mexican products specifically dedicated to meeting the requirements of the US markets. Our strict selection process for Mexican manufacturers guarantees our US customers of quality products, on time delivery schedules and production schedules designed to meet the customer’s needs. Our product and manufacturer line is constantly being reviewed and updated in order to guarantee our customers the best service and products in the industry.

We strive to provide the best quality wholesale Mexican food products with the best service in this industry, as we have for more than 20 years. Our distribution network covers every major Hispanic food market in the US. We offer a large selection of wholesale Mexican food products that are authentic and of the highest quality. Our extensive Hispanic food service distribution includes wholesale candies, chips, snacks and more. When serving the Mexican food markets brand recognition and quality are paramount to sales. Our selection of products and brands is geared to the specialized Mexican Food market in the US.

Our unique partnering organization allows us to work very closely with each manufacturer in product development and distribution for the US markets. We have successfully partnered with well known Mexican brands of Candies and Snacks such as Ravi, Karla, Lucas, Las Sevillanas, Zumba Pica, La Napolitana, Montes, Encanto and of course our own brand of Candies, Snacks and Salsa, PIKIN.

By our partnering alliances, we join with selected manufacturers to better develop their product lines for US markets, as well as offering our customers Factory Direct pricing. This has allowed us to expand into various markets by keeping the levels of distribution to a minimum and contact with the plant at a maximum. So, our customer feedback on sales trends and product status in the markets is constantly fed back into our production and development, keeping our product lines very competitive.

The following is a brief summary of each of the Stars in Mexican Candies & Snacks:

Dulces Ravi, is a standard in the spicy fruit flavored gummies category, with over 50 years in the Hispanic market.

Dulces Karla, is likewise a standard in the industry for being the best hard sugar candy and lollipops in the Hispanic market. This brand is the name associated in Mexico with spicy hard candies for over 40 years.

Lucas is the leader in spicy kids powders and pastes and created its legacy with Acidito over 30 years ago. It remains the #1 selling spicy kids candy in powders, pastes and strips.

La Napolitana is a 3rd generation candy maker specializing in traditional fruit and milk candies and is the leader in traditional milk candies throughout Mexico and the US in Hispanic markets.

Las Sevillanas has also produced its Caramel Wafers and Pecan Glorias for over 50 years, and is the standard for traditional sweet milk candies, bringing the Taste of Authentic Mexico to the United States.

Dulces Montes has been producing hard milk candies for over 50 years and was the first in the Mexican candy industry to perfect the hard-sweet milk candy production. It has been the leader in its category since then.

Encanto brand of Chips and Snacks, has been a Mexican snack favorite for over 50 years, the unique production of its lime and chile flavored corn chips has become an icon in Botanas and Snacks in the Hispanic community.

Pikin Candies, Snacks and Salsa, has also been in the Hispanic market of the US and Mexico for over 25 years and its unique seasoning and spice mixes bring the flavor of Old Mexico to each of its products.

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