RacingLand: Dream of Owning Thoroughbred Horse Come True

For horse enthusiasts, they would have spent a lot of our time reading about the races and how it all started. The topic on Thoroughbred horses marks the start of everything.

The Thoroughbred horse originated in England a very long time ago. Horse racing would often take place in the markets or at fairs in London under the reign of King James the First. It was at this moment that the handicapped system was invented to increase a horses’ chance of winning. The foundation of Thoroughbred was laid under the reign of different monarchs and the term thoroughbred was first used to describe racing horses in 1713. With royal support for this sport, it slowly gained the attention of the masses and horse racing started to become popular. In year 1727, the sport became public and even has a newspaper specially written for it with details of the next race and also the results of previous ones.

All thoroughbred horses trace back to 3 different horses imported from the Middle East to Great Britain. They were the Byerley Turk, the Darnley Arabian and the Godolphin Arabian. These 3 different breeds of horses were mainly used to breed the now common or modern thoroughbred horses.

Becoming A Horse Owner Is Hard To Come True

Being able to own a horse is represented as a status symbol. However, the platform that allows people to purchase horses are often very narrow, making the purchasing process very difficult for potential buyers and making it more difficult for them to fall in love with horse buying. The purchase price of different blood horses, the analysis of horse prospects, the insurance coverage for the horse and even the information on the pastures for retired horses are not readily available. The horse owner has to pay a large transaction cost for convenience to third party companies due to the lack of knowledge by horse racing platforms.

Moreover, many individuals also simply do not have enough time or cash flow for them to become horse owners. For example, in places such as England and Australia, it is a lot easier to become horse owner. Unfortunately, the cost of training, maintaining, feeding and medical bills are sky high, hence drawing many people away from the idea of owning horses.

The single most pressing problem being faced by everyone seems to be how to cultivate and develop the ownership base for horse racing. People all around the world are not prepared and willing to spend large sums of money to train and maintain their stallions. For example, in Hong Kong, even getting to become a member of the Jockey Club is already a difficult and tedious process. Potential members would have to go through an extensive background check for the persons status and wealth. They would also have to be nominated by other club members which would require the potential member to have strong connections. Even after being accepted, members would still have to take part in a raffle drawing to choose who and who cannot purchase a racehorse, to be able to raise it and partake in races in the future.

When Thoroughbred Horse Meets Blockchain

With the help of blockchain technology and crypto currencies, it provides a possible solution to make owning a horse real for general public, making the process of becoming a horse owner less tedious. In RacingLand, it makes this happen.

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RacingOwner is a horse crowdfunding platform where people can own a horse by purchasing the share using Race Token. Horse shareholders can also enjoy the benefits of sharing the bonus of a race or tournament as well as the appreciation of the horse.

Horse will be introduced by RACINGLAND and will be priced by RACINGLAND professional pricing team. Horse profile will be created and stored on blockchain for checking. Information, including date/place of birth as well as family linage, will be recorded. RACINGLAND Pricing Team professional will price the horse according to the following index.

• Horse cost

• Handling Fee (transportation, legal process, tax and etc.)

• One-year horse feeding cost

Once the final price proposal will be announced in the trading platform, the horse share subscription starts. A certain percentage of share will be released on RACINGOWNER platform and the price will be converted to Race Token based on the USDT rate. Prospectus will be based on smart contact with trading details, including price, percentage of share and related T&C for share subscription. Intentional investors can complete the horse share subscription process by themselves on RACINGOWNER platform with auto confirmation by smart contact after the payment settled by Race Token.

Besides, the shareholder with largest percentage of share will be entitled for horse naming, enjoying the privilege of becoming a horse owner. If luckily, the horse wins a race or tournament, the bonus will be converted to Race Token based on the instant USDT exchange rate and be distributed to the shareholders according to their percentage of horse share.

Re-pricing will be conducted after the horse attend a race or tournament and the new price will be public on RACINGOWNER platform for reference and horse share are allowed to trade freely on the RACINGOWNER platform. All transaction will be completed using smart contract.

Together with Horse Racing Media, Racing Ownership, Horse Exchange, Racing Game and many more services, RacingLand is committed to building a multi-functional horse racing platform based on blockchain technology to create a brand-new horse racing eco system, making the participants feel more at ease and engaged when using our platform and would also get the chance and experience to own their very own stallions and gain much joy during their period of ownership.

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