#WHAT5WORDS | Update on Projections and Outcomes

#What5Words Tapui Limited recently announced an update to some of the projections and outcomes the company has made.

#What5Words Tapui Limited is passionate about warning people around the world about the overuse of social media in the face of a global mental health crisis.

The team at #What5Words Tapui Limited recently published the “Social Media Addiction” English Wikipedia page, sharing in-depth information on the condition as well as links to ADHD. The page is being translated into other languages, including German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Ukranian, and Bulgarian, and the team calls for readers anywhere and everywhere to assist with the translation.

Meanwhile, Johnson & Johnson asked #What5Words Tapui Limited to cease using their arguably genericised trademark. #What5Words has requested further discussion of this, as their trademark is integral with its metaphors to bring many thousands together all across the globe in the campaign already.  #What5Words Tapui Limited reached out to Johnson & Johnson regarding Facebook advertising for their acne products to teens in New Zealand. It appears that Facebook algorithms identified audiences with low self-esteem, and the ads made their way there. After one full week of consideration, they continue in New Zealand to advertise their acne products to teenagers.

#What5Words has requested details on similar marketing strategies from Alibaba, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, NIB Australia, HSBC New Zealand, and Insurance Australia Group.

#What5Words Tapui Limited reported the removal of Apple Inc.’s landscape lock to the EU commission and the ACCC based on consumer health issues, in tandem with personal injury lawyers in Australia. They also advised the ACCC and the EU commission of further specific examples of alleged anticompetitive behaviour betwen Apple and Facebook. “We respectfully request Apple to assist psychiatrists with retrospective studies of those who used their products with the data that they have if any other scientists consider this may be a valid theory,” said the team at #What5Words.

The team at #What5Words is looking to resolve any domain issues with some of the domains they own and are happy to work with companies who seek resolution, including abilify.me, abilify.mobi, and abilify.today.

#What5Words approached Hasbro Inc. in Australia and New Zealand to cross-promote one of their children’s books with one of their child play trademarks to encourage real play versus tech overuse. Similar calls to action have been made towards companies such as Mumbrella.com.au

This widespread campaign has gained mass support through its Facebook and Kickstarter campaign. The #What5Words team has collaborated and worked on their movement for years and is excited to see the traction they’ve gained.

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