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The free png image download from the internet can be easy or difficult depending on the reason you are downloading these photos. Yes, it is true, any image that this internet can be downloaded with just a click, but using that image without permission of its author is a serious crime. To prevent this from happening, you should always use free original photos, for this, NicePNG displays a wide variety of images that will undoubtedly be useful for all users. Remember that if you are starting a new digital project, the first thing you should do is obtain high-quality audiovisual material and what better than the free download of png images in NicePNG.

Find Free Transparent Images!

The images are fundamental for a company, brand or blog to grow in the area where it is developed, therefore, an original content is necessary, in order to establish the image of the company or business, given that these images help brands to create a visual identity around them, allowing users to recognize brands and differentiate them from the rest. Don’t dude, and find free transparent images!!!

However, images in transparent PNG format are the most sought after for the transparency of their background. In a way, thanks to this, it makes them perfect to include in web pages and blogs of all kinds, since they combine without problem with all the colors, textures and backgrounds. In projects, such as infographics, presentations, applications or games, images are also searched in PNG format without any problem.

In this sense, graphic design tools on the Internet gain popularity among professional designers and amateurs, so the demand for transparent PNG images ready to use is more excellent. Of course, some software raster design, such as Photoshop, can be used to efficiently investigate and cut additional segments of a photo and get a transparent image, however, can be tedious in some cases and people choose to acquire images from the Internet. A thing that is not recommended in its entirety, since not all images have copyright and when using images without the author’s consent can be a high crime that is paid with jail.

It is for this reason that in the market there can be several “image banks” which are usually free or paid, but mostly they are payments to be able to find the perfect support to reinforce the image of the brand. If you do not want to spend money on pictures, but you are looking for quality photographs, it is best to look for pages such as NicePNG so that the free download of png images is the most appropriate.


NicePNG is a website where you can find all kinds of photographs (such as clipart, silhouette, icons, etc) free of rights or with the possibility of non-commercial use to use in your articles. The number of downloads is usually unlimited, and the quality of the images is entirely visible.

There are more than 1500 files that are displayed in NicePNG, so it has now become one of the best websites to find transparent images, because users love the idea of not paying any kind of remuneration for the images they seek and Among its many categories ranging from clipart, people, celebrities and food, to fantasy images that are not recognized, choose the images that best suit your brand or company.

Regarding the sizes of png images, in NicePNG you can find them with different options: small, medium, large, for webs or, vectors that will allow you to work with these images depending on the needs you want to cover.

To classify the images, NicePNG evaluates them about their quality and usefulness, for this, the photos are shown to the members of the community so that they cast their vote to accept or reject the images. Then, they become part of the editorial review. Here the editor makes sure that the labels assigned make sense and that the pictures do not infringe copyright. If everything is perfect, the photos are loaded into the profile immediately. Otherwise, editors often provide specific details about why an image was not accepted.

In conclusion, NicePNG has several phases to choose images, so they always guarantee that the pictures are 100% quality. Honestly, the free download of PNG images had never been better thanks to this website that undoubtedly has the best for its users.

Can NicePNG images be freely used?

Yes, the images that NicePNG presents to you can be used freely for almost any purpose, including commercially and in printed format. Of course, for this, there are also some exceptions that must be met, such as:

1. Identifiable persons will not appear unless they give their consent.

2. Do not suggest the promotion of products or services by people or organizations represented.

You would not like to see your image, for example, in a column of advertising without previous warning, for that reason, the owner must give his consent for you to use pictures of his belongings. It does not matter if the image is for editorial or commercial use, it will always be necessary for it to be approved before using a public domain image without publication.

Recommendations when using NicePNG.

A. Never abuse her: It is true that you can freely use the images presented here, but do not harm them, so that your company does not look fanciful.

B. Provide a personal touch to the photos: To make the images you choose to look more original, you can apply a filter or effect in Photoshop with your corporate colors, include your logo on them or add a watermark.

C. Follow a unitary visual line: It will always be necessary to use the same category of photos so that you can follow a unitary visible line and not see a total disaster of ideas.

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