Fitness Coach Jennifer Cochran Offers Clients A Leg Up On Getting Fit

Fitness coach Jennifer Cochran of Fitness Design Solutions helps clients get motivated and stay motivated to reach their fitness goals.

All-around fitness dynamo Jennifer Cochran of Fitness Design Solutions ( offers her clients a long list of specializations that make getting fit a possibility for everyone.

“I’m a Second Generation Pilates Master Teacher, Breast Cancer Post-Rehab Exercise Specialist, Cancer Exercise Specialist, Restorative Yoga Teacher and Running Coach,” Cochran says. “I am an expert at helping you look better, feel better and live longer through better movement.”

Working with Cochran, clients can expect to experience: better posture and form whether sitting, standing or walking, improved balance, increased mobility, reduction of chronic pain, increased awareness of movement and agility, and setting and achieving new goals.

As a fitness coach, Cochran has the ability to tailor physical regimens and routines to fit the individual needs of her clients. With her diverse background, Cochran is also able to meet her clients where they are in terms of their own physical fitness.

“People are motivated by different driving forces,” Cochran says. “I see each person as the unique individual they are and work with them to find their motivation to meet their goals and stick with the program.”

Understanding that clients progress at different rates, Cochran encourages reluctant clients to sign up for services in ten-session increments. Frequently, just getting started is the major hurdle her clients need to overcome.

“Not long ago, a prospective client phoned and inquired about Pilates. At the end of our evaluation session, she took my brochure and signed up for ten sessions,” Cochran says. “As we worked for those ten sessions, she asked lots of questions about why we did certain exercises and about the benefits. I’m an educator as much as I am a trainer so I welcome the questions. During those sessions she became grounded in the fundamentals and at the end said she was seeing some changes and she wanted to continue on for twenty more sessions.”

Seeing those changes, Cochran says, is what keeps her current clients coming back and brings new clients to her door.

“I work with desk dwellers in desperate need of posture rehab, courageous survivors working through treatment, and recovery from cancer, and people who want to look better, feel better, and live longer if they could just get moving! The only problem is you are in pain, hate to exercise, or really just don’t know where to start,” Cochran says. “That is where I can help.”

Starting a solitary fitness regimen may work for some, but having a coach as a partner in the quest for fitness, Cochran says, can be essential for making changes stick and for continued participation over the long term.

“I offer a variety of fitness options that will meet you where you are and transform you into the pain free, confident you that you know you can be,” Cochran says. “Whether you are looking for private, duet, or circuit training, I have got you covered. Rome was not built in a day, neither were your aches and pains. Give me ten sessions and you will be starting to see changes and feel the benefits of the work.”

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