Saudi Aramco Expands Overseas Market, the Appreciation Space will be Unlimited

With the gradual wide application of blockchain technology on a global scale, governments have introduced corresponding regulatory and management programs. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which has the largest population and holds the highest market value of digital assets, has established the Blockchain Technology Application Service Association. It aims to supervise and serve the blockchain industry platform and enterprises, and play an active role in the application and promotion of blockchain technology in China and the world.


Established in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Arabian chain using crude oil as the background of launching, and ZhonglianBeijing, the agent of Saudi Arabia acting as the council member of the association, which is also the first batch of recognized enterprises.


China’s economic construction and scientific and technological development have achieved remarkable results in the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. With the rapid growth of wealth, the Chinese have shown great enthusiasm for the frontier investment in emerging markets. The Saudi chain and Saudi Aramco have been launched in the Chinese market for less than half a year. The increase of the market value is over 130% which surpassed the value of the countries such as the United States, India, Japan and South Korea that launched before China and gradually approaching.

It is expected that the market value of China will exceed other countries when the public chain trading begins in 2019. And in order to let the holders better understand the application of Saudi Aramco, approved by ZhonglianBeijing Blockchain Technology Application Service Association. Before the New Year’s Day in 2019, Chinese holders of Saudi Aramco will be able to participate in the international future trading of the Saudi Aramco. At the same time, ZhonglianBeijing will also reward outstanding participants for tourism in Southeast Asian countries! Saudi Aramco holders can not only enjoy the joy of wealth appreciation, but also discover the beauty of the world through travel!

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