Bookers Kitchen Table the Latest Expression and Current Batch of 2018 Bourbon Released and Available at Cask Cartel

Cask Cartel is the near-undisputed marketplace leader in online luxury spirits. In exciting news, they are also the place to shop for the most recent batch of bourbon from the legends at Bookers Bourbon, Butchers Kitchen Table. All shipped quickly, securely, insured guaranteeing authenticity.

There are few things that are as satisfying to many people who love luxury alcohol as a fine bourbon. Premium spirits online shop Cask Cartel are answering the call for an in-demand option in this area, celebrating adding, for a limited-time-only, Bookers Kitchen Table the latest expression and current batch of 2018 bourbon from Bookers Bourbon. It is expected to be a quick seller and the team at Cartel Casket are encouraging their valued shoppers to make sure they buy a bottle or bottles while it remains in stock.

“Most people who are into quality spirits are fans of Bookers Bourbon,” remarked a spokesperson from Cask Cartel. “Their distillery has mastered making the best in bourbon and the latest expression and current batch of 2018 Bookers Kitchen Table bourbon are winning praise left and right. We are very enthusiastic about letting people know where they can order it quickly and simply – right at our Cask Cartel online marketplace.”


This year is a special one for Bookers Bourbon, who are celebrating their 30th year in business, making first-class bourbon. Their most recent release is their Bookers Batch 2018 Kitchen Table whiskey, which features a label in tribute to the Noe family, who have served as seven generations as spirits distillers, making them a historic lineage in the bourbon world and beyond. Bookers Kitchen Table delivers a taste that has been described as a mix of vanilla and oak, aged six years to perfection, and something not likely to be reproduced any time soon.

In addition to stocking the Bookers Kitchen Table, a number of other bourbon options are available from the brand at the Cask Cartel online store. All delivered quickly, with attention paid to detail, and the utmost care paid towards being sure shoppers have a greater experience.

Not just popular with normal shoppers, Cask Cartel is also becoming very well known in celebrity circles due to their exceptional catalog. And 2019 is set to be a year of records.

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