Skyla Mac Shakes Up The Hip Hop World With His New Album Mactober

Mactober has become one of the most talked about new Hip Hop albums of 2018. This new album has 15 tracks on it and has already been described as the album everyone will remember.

One of the most recognized Hip Hop artists of recent times has today announced the release of his new album Mactober. Skyla Mac is known for his clever music and thought-provoking words, but this new album takes it a step further.

Mactober has become one of the most talked about new Hip Hop albums of 2018, generating excitement with Hip-Hop fans around the world including the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK. The 15 Track album which features BUN B, MAINO, UNCLE MURDA, REAKWON, and SHEEK LOUCH is ahead of its time and is a must buy for those that truly do love Hip Hop.

Hip Hop star Skyla Mac wants to get his messages out. Some people get their messages out through being on the TV, other people get their message out through being a politician, but Skyla Mac gets his important messages out through music. And once more, people listen to his words more than they do with politicians.

Born and raised in Newark, Skyla Mac has transformed the Hip Hop world. Unlike some other Hip Hop stars who claim they have lived the life of hardship and write and sing about it, and really lived a nice comfortable life, Skyla Mac has faced some real tuff times. He knows what it is like to have nothing, he knows what it is like to be dragged off by the police and lose his freedom. He knows what it is like to feel like tomorrow is another struggle. His words in his music really do carry weight as he has lived those words.

Mactober is not just another album, Mactober is an album that really does mean something to so many people. This is the album that all new Hip Hop fans should buy to learn what Hip Hop music should really sound like.

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