Hanan Assis, PayPlus Ltd. CEO, Announces Launch Of Wittix UAB

Mr. Hanan Assis, Owner and CEO of the Israel-based clearing giant PayPlus Ltd. (PayPlus), announced today the establishment of a Fintech venture for electronic money institution license that will operate under the company Wittix UAB (Wittix). The company was registered in Lithuania in mid-August, 2018. Wittix will allow companies and individuals to receive and transfer funds globally at competitive currency exchange rates and low transfer fees.

Hanan launched the Israeli clearing company PayPlus under the PCI DSS Level 1, which was further authorized by Automated Bank Services Limited, also known as Shva. Shva operates and maintains an interbank switching network of automated teller machines (ATMS), while it also oversees the operation and management of the credit card network for all the banks in Israel. PayPlus soon turned into one of the leading global payment clearing companies, and, at the time of writing, counts thousands of customers, and hundreds of new subscribers every month for its clearing services just in Israel.

Last year, Hanan spearheaded a technological initiative that allowed Israeli e-commerce businesses to use PayPlus to clear their funds through the Shopify platform. This move rendered PayPlus an authorized Shopify payment option, while the company also became the leading Shopify funds clearing supplier in Israel.

When asked to share his vision for his new venture, Wittix, Hanan said that “Numerous agreements have been signed with leading European business partners and banks that will support our mission to make the Wittix wallet a one-stop shop for all individuals and businesses to receive and transfer funds. It is our firm belief that, in the future, the Wittix wallet will replace the need for using credit cards and POS, and will revolutionize daily financial transactions as we know them.”

Wittix’s vision is to be “the Amazon of global payments”. Hanan’s deep knowledge of the technology, security protocols, and marketing involved in e-payments, combined with his more than 15 years of experience in the development and PCI field, Wittix’s rise to prominence is expected to happen fairly quickly, according to industry experts.

Hanan chose to apply Wittix’s EMI license in the Bank of Lithuania since the bank offers the latest technological innovation, and is currently the most advanced European bank with direct access to receive and transfer money from SEPA by using CENTROlink.

Wittix will soon launch its eponymous apps for Android and iOS. The apps’ exact launch date will be announced in future communications with the press.

To learn more about Wittix, please visit www.wittix.com

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