Libraries in Zhejiang Raise the Storm of National Digital Reading Again

The residents’ Internet access rate reaches 85.9% and the contact rate of digital reading reaches 84.8% with average e-book reading capacity of 3.64, which is far beyond the national level. On the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up, a silent “digital revolution” is raising a storm of “reading” in Zhijiang. Recently, the serial activity named as “Reading·Please Yourself” that is led by libraries in Zhejiang and jointly held by public libraries in the whole province successfully ended.

In December 2017, in order to actively respond to the Central Committee’s appeal on “Promote Reading for All and Strengthen Scientific Popularization” so as to promote the deepening of construction of Zhejiang digital library extension project, there developed the serial promotion activities themed on “Reading ·Please Yourself” among libraries in Zhejiang for the first time. The activities lasted for more than one month, which breaks the traditional propaganda pattern of library system. With courage in bringing forth new ideas, the methods that can be more easily accepted by the young, such as Fun H5 Convey, Distribution of Characteristic Posters and Video Webcast were chosen, which attracted much concern and participation of a number of netizens and mainstream medias, such as CNR,, and Zhejiang Daily, on the Internet.

In 2018, combined with promotion progress of Zhejiang digital library extension project and specific changes in the reading group around the province, based on the highlight activities like “21-day reading plan” and H5 Interaction in the previous years as well as brand new reorganization and optimization of the theme, “Reading · Read Yourself”, the serial activity theme, “Reading · Please Yourself”, was proposed. Though there is only little difference from “Read” to “Please”, it actually reflects the influence of continuous deepening of digital reading promotion as well as the huge change in the reading ecology of Zhejiang from “passive reading” to “happy reading” and the reading group.

“Digital reading is becoming the major reading way of Zhejiang people.” the reporter was told by the responsible person of the provincial library. Before “National Reading” became a national plan in 2014, our province had started to create Zhejiang with literary atmosphere and had been devoting to form the great social atmosphere of “love reading, be good at reading, read good books” in the whole society.

According to the theme change from “Read” to “Please”, focusing on the concept of “happy reading”, in order to further promote the high-quality digital resources and services into the grassroots and effectively cover all age groups and people, there has comprehensively upgraded the digital library extension project this year in the provincial library. Through extraction and design, a cute and funny mascot, Book, derived from the reading concept, a mini game, “Read · Find Yourself”, themed on displaying the libraries around the whole province and a funny game, “Read · Find Yourself”, that covers the scope of the whole province were launched, striving to help more people to develop the interest of reading in the unique and novel interaction, devote to reading, become fond of reading and read better. It is understood, by the issuance date of the manuscript, with the two mini game platform as the carrier, there have been more than 3 million joining in the promotion and assistance to the online module of “Read · Please Yourself”.

“Next year, with promoting the construction of Zhejiang digital library extension project as the activity core and perfecting the public culture service system, deeply implementing the culture benefiting project, enriching the mass cultural activities as the final activity objectives, we will continue to devote more so that more and more people will develop the habit of digital reading and “National Reading” will be promoted into “Happy National Reading”, said the responsible person of the provincial library. With continuous progress in technologies, such as AR/VR, big data and AI, there may welcome another upgrade in reading form, contents production and interaction method and the era of national digital reading will come soon.

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