Gags to Gifts: An Emerging Online Platform to Spread Happiness & Nuttiness Across Board

The Online Store is Now Launching a New Range of Original Products & It is Getting a Phenomenal Response Worldwide

December 25, 2018 – Gags to Gifts, LLC. has proudly announced that it has recently launched a unique range of nutty products. This new product line is now available in stock through the online store and the company is not limited to the nutty gift items with more items to launch coming soon in the pipeline. In addition, the online platform has also launched a new collection of funny & nutty videos. With an inspiring aim to spread smiles everywhere and make people laugh in serious times, the emerging online platform is already creating a major buzz and is getting a welcoming response worldwide.

“We have recently launched our signature t-shirts and two main flagship products called ‘Harry Nutsickle’ and ‘Scrotus’,” said the spokesperson of Gags to Gifts, LLC, while introducing the new product line. “Harry Nutsickle is a fun pranking gag item with a huge personality, while ‘Scrotus’ is a political character made to display the nuttiness of our current political system, and both are equipped with voice chips containing hilarious phrases,” he added. According to the spokesperson, Gags to Gifts is taking great pride in providing laughter to everyone, regardless of their political views or beliefs.

In addition, Gags to Gifts does not believe in showing bias to any political party, and it is focused particularly on showing quality humor through artistic expression. The online platform was created to provide laughter to everyone through its unique products and excitingly funny videos. Furthermore, the platform is also getting an overwhelming response on its growing social media presence and hopes to bring laughter to millions of people while simultaneously bringing attention to serious issues.

“Our slogan is ‘This is Gonna Be Nuts’ and we are dedicated to offering nutty, quality humor through our content and products,” said the Gags to Gifts spokesperson. “We are welcoming everyone to visit our online store, have some laughs, and get these original nutty products at great prices,” he added. The platform aims to set new standards and trends worldwide through being able to take a step back and realize the humor behind all the nuttiness out there in the world.

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