New OPT re-engineers the ecology of the whole logistics ecosystem

What is the hottest concept in 2018? Non-blockchains are none other than. Following the Internet, the blockchain was called the third technological revolution. Humans can use the blockchain to subvert the underlying technology of the traditional Internet, and also establish a new trust mechanism in all walks of life, thus reshaping the ecological environment of traditional enterprises. In this article we will describe what kind of chemical reactions will occur when a stream encounters a blockchain.

Logistics plays a vital role in almost all business activities in all walks of life around the world. Especially with the entry of e-commerce into people’s lives, the importance of logistics has become increasingly prominent. However, those who understand the logistics industry know that the logistics industry is a complex ecology. The entire ecological chain requires a large number of participating parties such as shippers, freight forwarding companies, carriers, truck drivers, and consignees to collaborate and collaborate. Problems such as lack of trust, high vacancy rate, opaque information, low information flow, and complicated settlement process, and ultimately high cost and low efficiency have seriously hindered the development of the industry.

In response to the problems in the traditional logistics industry, the OPT team combined with decades of industry experience and technology accumulation in the logistics industry, using blockchain technology to create a traceable, safe and efficient logistics ecological industry chain – OPTIMUS. The ecosystem includes logistics service users, logistics service providers, value-added service providers, market makers, nodes and super nodes, developers, etc. All participants can purchase through tokens or other special passes provided by OPTIMUS or Sell ​​your own service.

First, shippers such as manufacturers, sellers, and shippers are the users of logistics services. The strong consignment demand has promoted the first gear of the logistics industry. After logging in the system, the shipper will load the consignment information, issue the consignment demand, select the carrier, track the status of the shipment, and finally confirm the payment of the logistics cost after delivery. OPTIMUS encrypts the information of each link and protects the privacy of users.

Second, logistics service providers are indispensable and important players in the entire ecosystem. The logistics company, freight driver, carrier, etc. can upload the driver and freight vehicle information in the system, and quote the shipper’s shipping demand. After the shipper selects the order, the order is confirmed, and the freight journey begins after confirmation. The key logistics information such as cargo status, driver status, freight vehicle status, and transportation route are all on the chain. The information after the chain is not changed. The logistics company and shipper can track the status of the shipment in real time according to the information on the chain to ensure timely Find problems and follow up and deal with them.

In addition, value-added service providers such as insurance companies and supply chain finance companies are included in the OPTIMUS ecosystem. By analyzing the basic information and historical behavior information of logistics companies, freight drivers, carriers, etc. in the chain, they identify underwriting objects and lending objects, and can generate customized underwriting and financial solutions according to different objects, bringing more services to the clients. Good service also has better benefits. In the same way, due to the openness of the ecology, other third-party service businesses such as strategy consulting and big data analysis can join the OPTIMUS Ecology to provide corresponding support services to achieve win-win cooperation.


The market maker, an important role in OPTIMUS, provides financial leverage to both parties in the OPT. Market makers can mortgage certain OPTs to issue their own “passports” and can raise funds through special certificates issued by themselves. Market makers can provide capital leverage services and customize commissions based on user information and historical credits on the chain. At the same time, the user can evaluate the conversion process of the French currency and the pass, and the bad review will affect the ratio of the market maker’s mortgage amount. Users can inject and withdraw legal currency or tokens from OPTIMUS through market makers.

The above functions are inseparable from the support of the super node. The super node carries the important role of the entire ecological network operation and provides the hardware infrastructure required for network operation. It is an indispensable engine in the blockchain logistics ecology. OPTIMUS will conduct roadshow recruitment nodes around the world, vote for super nodes by inheriting EOS schemes, reward certain OPTs for nodes, and promote 1% of OPT per year in order to promote the enthusiasm of super nodes and the sustainable upgrade of hardware facilities and improve network operation capability. Give the super node.

In addition, OPTIMUS will build a developer community and recruit outstanding developers worldwide, providing developers with development tools: DAPP development engine, API calls, test tools and test environment, deployment support, and more. Developers can participate in the construction of the OPTIMUS public chain and receive OPT certification. At the same time, the OPT Foundation will also invest and policy to support outstanding third-party developer projects to promote the construction of the OPT ecosystem.

In the OPTIMUS ecosystem, in addition to the original OPT certificate and the special certificate issued by the market maker starting with the letter D, it also supports more standard token issuance agreements for the issuance of certificates. For example, smart contracts and DAPP can issue their own tokens through standard protocols. Users can purchase some value-added services in these project DAPPs, prompting the rapid establishment and landing of these blockchain projects. The two sides of the transaction in the ecology can choose any kind of pass to trade according to their needs, or they can trade the currency in the offline and then link the information. The diversified transaction pass mode greatly facilitates the user, thus promoting the whole ecology. development of.


With the mission of advancing intelligent logistics, OPTIMUS uses blockchain technology to break the data islands of the traditional logistics industry, realize data mobility, make full use of the value of data, and improve the efficiency of the entire logistics industry. At the same time, it integrates insurance, mortgage, financing, finance, and strategic consulting with third-party service industries to make the whole ecology flourish.

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