Transformers Will Be Launched On The Global Line, And Will Once Again Set Off A Wave Of Trends

At present, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain are undoubtedly the most popular technologies at present. As an emerging financial technology, the application of blockchain-artificial intelligence in the financial field has become an increasingly hot topic.

Transformers Will Be Launched On The Global Line, And Will Once Again Set Off A Wave Of Trends

Recently, various mainstream currencies have returned to rationality, and various tokens characterized by blockchain have also returned to the rational category of technology and application. The “Transformers” that I want to introduce to you today is characterized by technological innovation and application landing. When it was first launched, it was set off by the global users. What kind of blockchain project is it? Why is there such a magical power and a sudden rise? Let us follow the author’s footsteps and uncover the mysterious veil step by step.

Transformers, which was launched by the Us Block Chain Bank Foundation, a joint venture of five major institutions, aims to create a world-class decentralized blockchain application ecosystem, building blockchain digital banking, blockchain gaming platforms, and real estate. Transaction value network system integrating trading platform, cross-border e-commerce platform, AI intelligent financial management and decentralized trading platform.

Transformers Will Be Launched On The Global Line, And Will Once Again Set Off A Wave Of Trends

Transformers uses the main sidechain parallel technology to innovate the blockchain + artificial intelligence underlying architecture to make trust more transparent and intelligently more accurate. Therefore, the new digital banking and decentralized intelligent game platform will certainly be big. Make a splash. Transformers, it is a diversified application platform, the application ecosystem covers digital banking, smart games, real estate transactions, cross-border e-commerce, new media and new social.

Based on these ecosystems, Transformers publishes the entire platform application Token, ABCTF, and the platform asset circulation is realized through ABCTF. All the ecosystems are based on ABCTF certification, and run through the blockchain network through the main side chain parallel mechanism. The author believes that ABCTF certificate as a proof of encrypted digital rights with application scenarios and free circulation, is expected to become one of the core elements of the future digital economy era.

Transformers Will Be Launched On The Global Line, And Will Once Again Set Off A Wave Of Trends

The author believes that Transformers deserves to focus on its banking sector. Traditional finance is to establish a unified system and system in the entire financial market to establish a credit system, enabling customers to trade and trade various financial assets. The Transformers blockchain bank, through pure digital credit endorsement, can complete the relevant transactions completely without the participation of third-party credit intermediaries, and finally realize the low-cost value transfer of financial assets, and use blockchain plus artificial intelligence technology. The appreciation of digital assets is achieved through quantitative management of funds. Therefore, the development of Transformers blockchain banking business will be one of the typical representatives of the future application of blockchain, which is worth looking forward to.

Recently, Transformers made a start-up meeting in many countries around the world, which was very successful in Malaysia, Australia and the United States. It was well received by many industry elites. In particular, Transformers technical director Makey also attended the US conference site and shared it at the conference. Technological innovation of transformers. On the occasion of Christmas, Majory also issued a special video blessing to add festive celebrations to the launch of the global app on December 22.

Currently, the application of blockchain is a trend and a change.

The Transformers project can be said to be a bold attempt and innovation. It combines the two most popular technologies, blockchain and artificial intelligence, and will bring new changes to the traditional industry. What are the different experiences that Transformers will bring to users? Let us wait and see.

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