PubHTML5 Has Opened up a New World of Digital Magazine Publishing

PubHTML5 is a software program that enables users to create digital magazines from PDF files or images.

Print media is dying. The world is moving from a time when one would sit down and flip through an actual book or a magazine to a world where everyone scrolls through their favorite issues.

The shift from print media to digital media has opened up a new world of digital magazine publishing. There are people who can do it well and there are people who can do an excellent job that captures the interest of anyone who comes across a sample. PubHTML5 is the creator of a software program that will aid in the creation of digital magazines that will blow readers away.

Their philosophy seems to be simple: make the experience as immersive as possible. They have done this by creating a way for publishers to make a magazine without having to go through the process of making a layout themselves or trying to see where each thing fits without missing steps.

Anna Lee, the Chief Designer of PubHTML5 said, “Our goal has always been to create a way for customers to produce unique magazines that attract audiences worldwide.”

The biggest selling point of an actual magazine is attractive and glossy pages. The same effect has been reproduced here using PubHTML5 and the results will astonish everyone. Apart from the glossy pictures and the attractive layout, there are many things that make the experience of reading this digital magazine something to look forward to.

Included in the magazine are videos, links and audio. It makes the experience very interesting to go through. The digital magazine publishing process here makes sure that everyone can access the final product on any device including iPhones, iPads, desktop computers and Android devices.

Creating this magazine will only require very little time. There are several templates that users can choose from. So, every design will cater for the needs that are specific to what the publisher wants.

About PubHTML5

PubHTML5 is the high-end technology that is enabling its users to do much from their PDF files by converting them into beautiful and detailed digital publications. For more information, please visit

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