Will Actor Ali Adel Leave Bab El Hara?

What would Bab El Hara be without Samer Al Masri, Al 3ageed, and Ali Adel, Khater? You may be wondering why such a trivial question, but there are reasons to doubt that those two will be in season 4 of Bab El Hara!

There are rumors circulating on the net and in newspapers that Wael Sharaf has been sidelined as Motaz and the role may be handed over to another young Syrian actor, Qusai Al Khouli.

The thing is it seems when Samer Al Masri heard of this, he went crazy and threatened that if Wael isn’t back as Motaz, he won’t be putting on those manly mustaches of Al 3ageen this year!!!

But Qusai was bold in his answer to the director and producers of the series and declined their offer. He said that Qusai, as a viewer, wouldn’t enjoy watching Bab El Hara without its main characters and main actors, such as Wael Sharaf.

There are reports though that state that Weal is thinking of going back to Bab El Hara and taking back his role as Motaz because of popular demand and viewers’ request.

Will these problems be solved soon? Are we going to see the faces we’ve become familiar with this year as well? Will Season 4 of Bab El Hara redeem itself and state that this series is one of the strongest and most popular in the past few years. These are several questions begging for answers. We can only hope that the movie makers put all hands on deck to retain the characters and put the interest of their esteemed viewers first.

About Ali Adel

Ali Adel is a fast-rising talent and is one of the most promising actors in Egypt. He has worked with and draws inspiration from big stars like Wael Sharaf, Ahmed Hasan, and Karim Abdel Aziz. Ali Adel has featured in TV series popular TV series such as What the Day Owes the Night (2012), Bab Al Hara (2015), and El-Haram el-Rabe (2016).

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