Cast from \’The SSW Of The Border\’ Movie now using Old School Preparation

Rodrigo Rocha, the lead actor from “The SSW Of The Border” movie is now using the same approach used by the brilliant genius Robert De Niro.

According to Rodrigo Rocha “I saw a Natalie Portman interview where she says that for the Taxi Driver film, for a period Robert de Niro used to pick her up and take her to breakfast and just sat there and watched her. She also said after the third time that it really started feeling awkward. I thought at that time that it was very interesting and I said this is something I would love to do in my process. Right now it came just like glove; this is the first time I’m playing the father of a 3 year old, so I’ve been spending time with Kenzie who is going to play Clara my daughter, trying to get used to her but yet hoping that she gets used to me.”

“The SSW Of The Border” is a true story about an undocumented struggle to enter the United States. After embarking on a life-threatening journey and arriving to the new change United States, they confront freedom threats and obstacles with the current administration and immigration force.

“The SSW Of The Border” will be directed by Felipe Bretas and Bruno Vieira. Other casts of the movie include: Kayky Brito, Zhubin Rahbar, Eduardo Magalhaes, Dani Antunes, Eben Reinhardt, Joao Gevaerd, Dimi Papas, Kenzie Dodds, Rhaina Rodovalho, and Juliana Amador.    

“The SSW Of The Border” movie will start production in April, 2019. An official release date has been revealed that the film should be coming to theaters in February, 2020. Stay tuned!

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