Elegantly Designed StyleBudz Offers Premium Hearing Protection without Sacrificing Appearance

Although hearing is one of our most important sensory systems, we often put our auditory system at risk by listening to music too loudly, attending raucous sporting events or entering high decibel work areas without the proper protection. This type of sustained damaged to auditory nerves can produce tinnitus (permanent ringing in the ears) or other types of hearing loss. StyleBudz is a new invention that allows anyone to carry stylish and highly effective earplugs that can diminish or eliminate damage to hearing from loud noises.

StyleBudz are worn around the neck and use an aesthetically pleasing receptacles to hide two high performance earbuds. When not in use, StyleBudz appears as merely a stylish neck ornament, but when you require hearing protection, you can quickly unscrew the two earplugs and insert them into your ears. These earbuds are crafted from exceptional quality materials that are proven to reduce or eliminate almost all forms of auditory damage resulting from exposure to loud noises. The initial production run of StyleBudz will be available in black, white or pink.

StyleBudz is a simple yet highly effective invention that will soon become fixtures in the workplace, music concerts or other loud environments. However, in order to make that a reality, StyleBudz needs your support. The creator of StyleBudz has already lined up a manufacturer, but requires $15,000 to make an initial run. To secure these funds, he has sponsored crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. In return for supporting this important project, you may receive perks like multiple pairs of StyleBudz earplugs. If you are unable to financially support this project, you can still help by telling your friends on Facebook or Twitter. 

To learn more about StyleBudz or to make a pledge, please visit http://kck.st/1vQXaea

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