GTANEXT takes the GTA experience to the next level

GTANEXT is a website that is updated with tips, tricks and updates o f GTA. Their blog posts take your experience with GTA to the next level. You will never be left behind if you mix your gaming with the information on this site for GTA 3, GTA 4, and GTA 5.

GTANEXT brings to you the latest updates, cheat sheets and more tips and tricks for your favorite game of GTA and its various editions. These include tips and tricks and live updates for the game for respective editions.

So what is GTA?

GTA is short for Grand Theft Auto. GTA 4 for example, is the eleventh video games in the GTA series by Rockstar games. The game was initially intended for release in 2007 but there were plenty trailers but no game. But finally in April 2008 the game was released and it came ready for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The story for GTA 4 was created by founder Dan Houser. But it was easy getting this critically acclaimed game out, Leslie Benzies the manufacturer said that around a 1,000 people worked on creating GTA 4. Even then since the initial news of its release in 2007, 6 commercials came out for it where the first one was only a minute long.

They provide in-depth information about GTA mods and their updates.

But what exactly are mods? Why are they important to video games?

There were various modifications available for GTA 5 to provide a realistic gaming experience that every video game strives for. For that reasons alone, many mods under the category of “Real life” were released to provide the authenticity required to provide that experience.

But not only that, but graphical updates were also released by improving existing graphics they had hoped to improve on their existing high standards. They keep sending on constant updates as their aim is to provide a realistic experience for their users.

They also provide you with the latest updates for download on their website.

For example, they’ve recently released a blog post outlining the special features of GTA’s new release called LSPDFR which stands for “Los Santos Police Department – First Response”. In this update the player will have the opportunity to slip into the skin of a police officer and be responsible for the justice on the streets which is an unusual development in the GTA world. But, what makes this a special update is that you will be able to customize the gaming experience to your taste. You can customize various things during the game such as callouts and other mods.

Furthermore, they offer exciting cheats for each city scenario such as Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City and the Red Dead Redemption. Along with that there’s cheats for each edition of GTA on its own such as GTA 3, 4 and 5.

This website is perfect for the hardcore GTA fans that have been dreaming of getting the most of their game without making any additional purchases.

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