DuschrolloRatgeber Specializes in Shower Curtains that are Good for the Environment

DuschrolloRatgeber is a company that specializes in special shower curtain rollers. They take are attached in various ways and can be out of your way with a simple pull of a string.

Germany – For those people that maybe have a basic level of understanding of buying shower curtains, fret not the roller blind does serve a purpose. It is a shower curtain that serves as a protector for the area around the bathing area from water and such. The shower curtain is screwed to the ceiling on top of which there are different variations where the curtain is attached to the ceiling in an overhang style. The shower curtain itself can be rolled up in a half cassette or as an open bar.

It is very easy to lower the curtain as well; it is controlled with the rope or string attached to it.

A common problem with all shower curtains is that they stick to you when they’re wet. It can be frustrating when you dry yourself off and a wet curtain sticks to you anyways. That is why a good shower curtain is one that doesn’t disturb you when you shower or even after you shower and is pulled up without sticking anywhere. Furthermore, as the curtain rolls up hence it gives the illusion of more space. Even with all of that it is an affordable piece of comfort for your home.

There are a few things you need to consider before you buy a curtain such as preferred materials. However you might wonder why you would want to consider what material your shower curtain should be when it’s such a common thing to have. That may be because the options for materials are very limited. Today if you want to buy a shower roller blind in specialist shops you will normally find it in textile, vinyl, Peva or Eva.

There are many pros and cons to each material. For example, roller blinds made out of textile is that they are not a 100% waterproof. However the advantage of textile blind is that they are easy to wash.  

Coming onto vinyl shower curtains, they can easily be contaminated with plasticizers. Hence, softeners are proven to be hazardous to our health and the environment which is why it is best to avoid vinyl curtains. 

If you’ve ever been curtain shopping you would know that the market norm is PEVA or EVA. What you might not find are the specialized curtains such as the ones that DuschrolloRatgeber offers on their website. There are many producers that simply put the material as “foil” so you won’t be able to differentiate between vinyl and PEVA. Alternatively it is not entirely clear whether or not plasticizers are present in the curtain or not.

DuschrolloRatgeber offers another comfort to your life with care for the materials and research into what you bring into your home. Hence, for the environment and your own health you should consider investing in DuschrolloRatgeber.

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