AXDY is the next gen musical virtuoso, discover AXDY to be the change!

Axdy is an upcoming Electronic Music giant that seems to have seen it all and done it all in the music cosmos. The act is looking to make a grand entrance into the music industry and the world of entertainment as a whole, which will also signal the beginning of new artefacts in the entertainment universe.

The music industry has evolved over the years with tens to hundreds of musicians and other such stakeholders in the industry using their creativity and ingenuity to treat music lovers worldwide to great hits. However, while the music industry has particularly grown in recent times, there has not been a corresponding potential growth across the different genres, with one of the most affected genres being Electronic Music. For some inexplicable reasons, the popularity of Electronic Music(excluding EDM) seems to have declined and this is where proficient and artistic individuals like Axdy are looking to change the narrative.

Axdy is bringing his wealth of knowledge, experience, and dexterity into the industry, creating banging hits and thought-provoking music that carries the real essence of the art. He started writing music at a very tender age and being a self-taught composer making his first musical piece at the age of 14. Axdy’s talent can be obviously said to be unprecedented. He is a music composer, singer, songwriter, poet, theorist and record producer. A complete artist indeed.

Axdy is particularly unique from other music artists as he composes and compiles all of his works himself, using no musical instruments as all his songs/instrumentals are manually programmed electronically. His completeness as an artist and entertainer has ensured that he integrates all his works without compromising quality while also alleviating the requisite of studios and other hyped resources.

This prolific entity is completely in line with his passion for breaking the tradition of creating music and the desire to become the master of the musical transcendence.

Some of his songs include Harmonics, Weirdo, Grand Opera, Jezebel, The Doorways, Love will always wonder, Money Matters and Precious Love. All of his tracks are released and distributed in the form of art tracks only.

Axdy’s working genres/styles include Electronic, Electronica, Alternative, Avant-garde, Minimal, Spoken Word, Industrial, New Age, Ambient, Orchestral and a host of others. This complete solo artist is currently managed by GRE (Management company/Record label), was earlier engaged with Universal Music Group.

More information about Axdy and his works can be found on his official website and various musical platforms such as SoundCloud, Mixcloud, etc. Axdy is also available across several social media channels including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Axdy can be explored on Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music/iTunes, Deezer, Amazon, etc too!

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Company Name: AXDY
Contact Person: Rohit Chawla
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Phone: +91 97685889071
Country: India