Quilting Grandmas Provide Handmade Goodies to Children in Local Mountain Empire Head Start Program

“Students receive their handmade quilts from their adoptive \”Grandmas\” at a school celebration, Friday December 21, 2018.”

Mountain Empire Unified School District (MEUSD) has a unique relationship with a group of women who were looking for a way to give back to their community. After receiving a grant in 2011 to begin operation, MEUSD’s Campo Kumeyaay Head Start program opened its doors to a new building in October of 2015. In the beginning stages of its operation, the director of Campo Kumeyaay Head Start, Crystal Kremensky was introduced to a training and technical assistant (T/TA) person to assist in learning the regulations of the new program. This T/TA person was Helen Carson.

Helen and Crystal remained in touch even after Helen’s retirement. Four years ago, Helen contacted Crystal to ask if the Head Start program would like to be adopted by a wonderful group of grandmothers who have huge hearts and a love for the tribal Head Start children. Of course, Crystal and her team jumped at the opportunity to be adopted and eagerly accepted!

Crystal Kremensky says, “Much to our surprise, each year we have been receiving  extremely beautiful handmade quilts for each student in our program… these children receive not only quilts, but jackets, pants, underwear, sweat shirts, beanie babies, books, homemade pajamas, Christmas candy, socks and puzzles.” Although these dedicated women are all over eighty years of age, each of them devote their time and energy to give of their time, talents, and resources to children and families in need.

The “Quilting Grandmas,” as they are affectionately called, love doing their work regardless of the outcome, but the recipients of their beautiful gifts love making sure the Grandmas know they are loved and appreciated. Each year the Head Start program takes a walking field trip to the local post office so the students can personally mail thank you cards to their adoptive grandmas. The abundance of thank you cards, paintings, and handcrafted gifts they receive from students and parents definitely give the Grandmas something to smile about.

Mountain Empire Unified School District is located in rural eastern San Diego County, with excellent elementary and middle schools and Mountain Empire High School, all within beautiful scenic countryside backdrops. Visit the district at www.meusd.org.

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